Wednesday, December 31, 2008

blue star earrings

Got inspired by the beautiful earrings I saw on Yarnplayer's blog.
Couldn't make anything near it but a very simple design
which I made in just over two hours.
The most difficult part was beading the thread
and counting the no. of beads required.
Whatever; I'm now gonna wear them to the new year party.
Wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The butterfly flies....!!

Well it's nearly 3AM here but coudn't sleep
Changed the lower wing and then...........
the butterfly flew!!!!!
I just coudn't go on anymore.
Got to sleep now.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Black Butterfly

I'm on my way tatting this butterfly but I think
the lower wing doesn't match the big wing.
the head is small and wobbly & the tail is smaller
than what I thought it would look.
May be I'll do it over again.
But my fingers are hurting now.

Triangular Rectangle

I've been busy with patients, family, relatives, eating,
sleeping (a little)
and not much tatting.
even my computer is not keeping well.
Sometimes I wish the days were longer and not of just 24hrs.
So much to do.......So little time!!!!
Still I managed to make a little rectangle
with the triangular motif edging.
but the all black made it look so drab,so I added some effects!
I think I could have added something more to the corner
as it wasn't that sharp.
without pulling and pressing it would've
ended up being a rhomboid structure.
I don't know what it's called but they give an
effect of cut stained glass.
Planning to make a little Black butterfly to go with it.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Got the triangulr motif pattern from
D.M.C Library Tatting Book
which I downloaded from Antique pattern Library
Was trying to make it into an earring but could make only one
as the beads in my shuttle finished.
Made it into an edging design using split rings.....not bad ?
I'm desperately trying to make a corner for this edging,
I think I'm gonna dream of it tonight and make it tomorrow.

Midnight beauties

Made these little earrings with black thread and blue beads.
It's so rewarding to do small projects
the result is so instantaneous!!
I've already gifted the previous two earrings to my friend Shivani on her
marriage anniversary.
My niece and the receptionist at my office are after my life to make them
each a pair.
maybe for New Year!


HI,Happy to be back on christmas.

My computer was out of order so couldn't post anything.

missed it so much!

I'll show you what I made Later in the day.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Flower Dangler.

Today I'm in a very sour mood so I sat down and tried to make just about

anythingwith the threads left in my shuttles.

Ended up with this! The Josephine chain didn't turn out well

and God I'm so bad at the 'Tie and Cut' part. I just can't make out where to hide the ends!

Still it is my first attempt at the 'Maltese Ring'

Maybe I'll make them into danglers.

I've got to tat more to get into a better mood after all!!!

Finished !!!

Finished the edging I started 2 days back.
I made it with a variegated blue thread so the four sides came out to appear as
different patterns.
Thats the edging on the photoframe of my honeymoon photograph

Friday, December 19, 2008

Started the Rosemarie Peel edging. Coming out nice.
Though not made the corner yet; I just coudn't wait to post it already!
(This Blogging is getting a little addictive)
Lets see what it ends up to be!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Quantisque Snowflake

Saw the beautiful snowflake on Jon's pattern page
and had to-had to make it.
Used some Christmasy colors though.
Later I'm going to make this pretty edging I saw on Ring of tatters by

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Black & White

Made the other pair of the white earring.

Today I went to my mothers place and while she and my son slept in the sun I made these black earrings.

Lace & Lace

I used to crochet a lot earlier but one day in the market I saw a book on tatting and bought it; but then i didn't know how to do it. Iwent about asking everybody if they knew how to tat.......even in my hospital where Iwas doing my training! Ultimately a very senior nurse taught me how to make a basic ring and chain. since then I've rarely use my crochet needle.
The crochet lace was something that turned out wide and nice but I haven't used it as yet.
The tatted edging I plan to put around my Dupatta............. someday.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

small things give great joys..........and so did this little piece that i made.

What's That?

The edging I made is from Priscilla Tatting Book-3 which I downloaded from Antique pattern library. It's really sweet and delicate.
Idon't know what the other thing is! I was practising this pattern with SCMR & Split rings from the patterns page of Jane Eborall when I just desided to turn the work and closed it with a simple ring&chain.........It could be a Bookmark?

Tatted & Crocheted star

I came back from the hospital and sat down with my shuttle and startedout to make just anything. Didn't have the other shuttle nearby so tried out to join the rings with crochet hook instead and ended up making this star.

Two butterflies and flower

These are my first attempts at beading ,lots of mistakes,a knot that got untied,antennae that are not equal...............whatever.
The flower was a trial of climbing up the round without cutting the thread with a split ring; it ended up being actually split( blue & white)

Monday, December 15, 2008

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

This is the first time I have blogged andposted anything on the web.
till now I was only browsing tatting blogs and was really awed by the beautiful things that people are making.
I'm so overjoyed and overwhelmed that my blog has already been visited by someone.
I thank lady shuttle maker and Tatting chic for visiting my site and liking my doiley.thanks a million.

Nine ring doiley

I made this doiley when i was pregnant. I did not know how to join thread without knots so there are a lot of knot threads that show. Its my first big work.

Pink star

I got the directions to make this beautiful star from a website, i cant remember which though, but i just love it.

My son Vaasu

Side of the mobile bag

Two panels joined by split-ring chain

My first tatted earring

I liked the lock that i made for the mobile cover so much that i made it into a tatted earring with beads.

Mobile bag

The completed bag with maroon velvet pouch within. Alas it was a little small for my mobile.

Little squares

This is one side of the mobile cover i tried to make

Tatted butterfly

My first attempt at blogging my tats
The Tatted Ring of Bloggers
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just starting

Ilove to tat.


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