Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fluffy white butterfly

Not getting time to tat much.
This came up trying to finish the little thread left on my shuttles.
1st time I've tried to snip the picot ends; because none were the same size!
In the meanwhile I'm continuing with the Iris TIAS
and trying to write down the patterns of my homework.
I'll write down the pattern for this butterfly too
now that I'm getting a little versed in doing it.
Happy tatting day for Tomorrow!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Iris TIAS version2 X 4

at last I've made four motifs of this pretty pretty thing!
I've been doing it for over five days now.
The best part is when somebody comes up to me and says....
WOW>>>>>that's a beautiful thing you're making.
Is it something you designed yourself?
So many mistakes!
(I hope you can't make them out;) )
I've been having a little trouble with the joins at the top
and that each motif has to begin afresh.
and I have to cut and tie, sorry....... hide ends at the end of each motif?
Still I LOVE IT.
It's been a nice cluny practice too.
I still can't make ones like Elisadud but I relearned it from her video.
(somehow I can't get the link to her video now!)
{just for the asking how do you make plump clunies? Mine look a little malnourished!}
Here's a closer look at the centre

I so much want to go on with it and make it into something I can put on my shirt or something

but the thread I've used is No.20 and a little thick for "dressing pleasure"
Or should I make it into a Doily?

Or redo it in another thread!

I think I'm .......

At least one thing is sure this time

This is Motif No.22 for 25 motif Challenge.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Iris TIAS-2

I have done the second version of Iris' TIAS all in white .
No contrasting colors only the plain design itself.
I'm not very proficient at doing the block tatting and Iris did want us to think about alternative centres so I substituted with clunies.
It comes out to be a squarish motif...... my fav again!
Now about joining further motifs.....
I'm a little confused .
There are Long Picots at all the four corner rings....

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I love this little swan pattern .
Joy send it to me day before yesterday
Thank you so much Joy!!
I've not completely fixed it and the photo is also a little fuzzy;
It looks pretty nevertheless!
It's so easy and quick to make,
I'm sure to make many more of them.
Doesn't it give a sort of Fairy-tale effect just looking at it????

You can find the pattern here.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Another one.....

Here's another one for the Homework.
Rings on the inside Rings on the outside ,
asymmetrical negative spaces.
I'm so tempted to make this Motif No. 21
for 25 Motif Challenge.
Here goes
No.21 Motif!!!!!

Design tat Homework

Sharon had given us homework on design tat (Yahoo group)
This is the first part of my homework No.3
We were to add an additional round to the centre ring
with some negative space.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mignonette doily

The mignonette trial has now turned into a little doily.
It was getting harder to control the thread length in between as the
round increased, I'd not used anything specific to measure the thread.
But it's a beautiful technique and gives the work
a certain lightness and free space in between.
I've finished of with a round of simple ring and chain ,
I didn't want to clutter it and I seemed to have run out of ideas and patience;)>

I've got to do my homework for the design tat........
So much mental work and thinking to do......

Monday, March 16, 2009

Starry flower bead

Here's another one of my shiny beads covered
with a flowery starry mignonette tatting motif.
The beads were just lying around in my mom's house.
She'd bought them to put as decorations in her flower pots,
maybe some years back.
I never imagined I'd be covering them up with tatting!!
That would be my Motif no. 20 for 25 Motif Challenge.

Vaasu's annual Day And some shiny Buttons

Yesterday was Vaasu's 1st annual day at his Play school.

He participated in a group dance.....If you're happy and you know it...

Here is the little video.....

Vaasu is the fourth boy from Left.
Thats My FIL, my dad, my hubby, me ,my MIL & Vaasu
The Kids were enjoying themselves and so did we.

My mom couldn't come as she was at Mathura. She would've enjoyed it too much.

Dad bought Vaasu a nice book to read after the function.


I'd been too tired all of the rest of yesterday to do any tatting.

Today I was Trying out the Mignonette again and

got this idea of putting in the shiny beads into it.

Interesting buttons ,no?

Friday, March 13, 2009

A hot day

The mercury here is soaring and its getting hotter day by day.
I've started to get tanned even in the short drive to my work place!
After I parked my car and was crossing the street, waiting for the green light an old flower vendor who sells flowers at the crossing came up to me and offered me this rose bud.
It somehow made my day special. How little things make you feel great!
I tried the Mignonette tatting technique yesterday night.
I had thought it to be something very complicated but now that I've tried it I have got a little hang of it.
Now to decide what I can use it into.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

HoLi day

What a Day!!!!!
TOOO............ much fun
Here are a few snapshots of our HOLI-Day
(absolutely uncensored, some of the scenes may require viewer discretion)

Holi at my sisters place .
Thats Vaasu, didi, mummy, Khyati
enjoying and dancing at the lawn party!

Vaasu, mummy, my Jijaji, my hubby Vikas, didi and me
All wet and soaking!!!

All my cousins get together for some soaking wet fun!!!!

Then everybody gets high on loads of beer and dancing,

the clothes in the process of disruption!!!!!!

Disruption complete.

The mighty Spartans in all their brawny splendor!!!!



Sorry, no tatting today!!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Squares again

All of yesterday I spent designing this square motif.
I'm a little obsessed with squares right now!
I'm still learning to do stuff on the Serif Draw Plus.
Then I tried to tat it .

I tried this out in Size20 thread using multiple of three ds,
but the rings in the centre are a little big so the centre wouldn't
lie flat!
The next one I tried out with Size 8 thread using multiples of 5
the centre is flat now, but if I try to join two motifs at the edge
the centre edge ring is big.

Whatever , the square by itself does look nice.
I'll try tweaking the design a little again so that I can join the motifs together.
Happy Holi!
for tomorrow .

Friday, March 6, 2009

Done at last!

The Iris TIAS doily is done!
So many hours of tatting and retro tatting!
But it has come out so pretty that it is a reward in itself.
After finishing with this I went to my mom's place and we all
(My Two Mausis, their daughters, my sis her daughter my mom and me!)
sat down to make gujias for Holi.
It was so much fun.
Let me show you a snapshot of the whole messy affair

And these are the delicious Gujias that we made.

Found a student!

Yesterday Khyati ( my niece) was watching me
tat and she asked me if I could teach her to do it too.
And she is now my first "shishya" (that's student in Sanskrit)
I taught her how to ds and she got the 'flip' pretty well.
I even gave her homework which she had dutifully done when I met her today.

Today I've taught her how to make picots and how to join rings and make chain.

Let's see what she's going to do with the homework today.

Another one initiated to the tatting world!

I'm myself so busy completing Iris's doily, it's turning out soooo... pretty!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tulip basket

I'm at mumma's place and Didi found this little tulip basket
which I had crocheted with wool long time back.
It even has a little stem at the bottom:-)
don't remember where the pattern came from.
Plan to fill it up with some tatted flowers.

Another party!!!!!

That's My Elder Sis ,my neice-Khyati and me
Enjoying the party at the engagement of our younger cousin
in all our bling bling stuff!
I gifted the bookmark to Didi
(the colors match those of her saree, don't they)
Now back to the tatting world......

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Iris TIAS.

I was really itching to do the TIAS. by Iris.
Caught upon it today, the last day!
Wishing Iris a happy journey.
She's given us quite some work for the time being!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Bookmark done!

Finished with the bookmark!
I had not done a bookmark as yet, this is my first.
That's my first good looking Josephine chain too!
And 'cause I hate to tackle with the ends, I tied them into a bow ;)
Motif No:19

Same threads- new pattern

I'm trying hard to finish the threads of these two colors on my shuttle.
So I'm going to make a bookmark for my sis using square motifs.
I don't remember where I got this pattern from or maybe it was my idea:
don't remember at all,
I'd used it for the panels of my mobile bag some time back.
Made a little amends to the pattern to make it lie flat.
The colors do look pretty together though!

I noticed small cuts on my index finger today,

It's not painful or anything.

Could it be because of the tatting?

Has anybody had something like this?

It can't keep me from tatting though!


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