Thursday, May 28, 2009

What's that?

It came out of my shuttles and shot up in the night sky!A cluny shooting star! ! !

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Velvet helmet

Look what I've been upto! Making a helmet for my hand towel! That too a velvet one with flowers! I'd seen it done at a sewing site (Sorry I've lost the link as well as the name ) So! What do you think? I've not given up my previous project and that too is moving along.....

Monday, May 25, 2009


This one. . . .

Trial edging

Somehow nobody is convinced with the previous edging that I had decided for the centre runner. How about this one?

Going on

I've finished six mats and started with the centre piece.

Just can't decide for the edging!

In the meantime started
a tatted edging from the book
Neue Schiffchenspitzen
that I downloaded from the
Antique pattern library.

Just love the pattern
and wanted to make it for a long time,
only where to put it now!!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


My mom was asking me for a long time to
start a bigger project than the
little tatted pieces I'd been doing.

We'll be shifting into a new house by the end of next year
and so we decided to make
some stuff for the new home.

I'm so excited about it that I'm brimming over with ideas !
Table covers, cushions, bed spreads , valances,
embroideries for the walls,
doilies, dressing table sets,
towels, kitchen stuff.......
If I do "somehow" get to make all of it ,
my house is going to look like
a vintage Victorian era house
(read =old fashioned?)
or like a museum of some sort!

The first project I've started is a
Dining table set of six table-mats,
one centre runner,
six napkins
and some doilies for the centre.

I've made the crochet edging onto four mats

till now and the fifth one is in progress.

I'm really confused as to how to adorn the corners....
an embroidered motif,
or a tatted or crocheted motif.....

Just cant decide!

This is the edging I've decided for the centre piece......

Hope it turns out well!

I'll try to update whenever possible......

Here's another try at the crochet doily

This time it's a pineapple pattern,
It looks like tiger stripes in the garden!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I've been in this doily mode for the past some time.....
Added another round to the oval doily,
the one that started out as a out of the sky idea for the design tat group.
can you look at the picture and guess what happened!
The edge got ruffled!
So much for Sharon's advice and all that;)
Never mind,
Is everything always supposed to be flat?
I was surfing the net the other day for some crochet sites
and found quite a few ruffled edge doilies!
So,this is my ruffled edge TATTED doily.
Wouldn't it look great in a glass oval tray?
Talking of crochet,
I started a crochet doily some days back,
no pattern just went round and round without purpose
and did I end up with bad looking pineapples!
No negative space to speak of
it too ruffles up!
Again I'm not going to give up,
and keep going round and round till ......

You know,
I wasn't that bad at laying things flat earlier!
I found this beautiful large(2ft x 2ft)
pink and white crochet doily
that I must have made some ten years back.
I then also had no pattern and it is all from my little brain
Now I cant believe I've made it!
I found this yesterday lying
at the back of a drawer in my Mom's cutlery table.
It's really dirty and soiled but still looks nice.
It needs a little washing and it will be shiny and new again.

Lastly, thank you for the beautiful comments on my last post.
I'm really delighted.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's day and more........

Now, Where to start?
Lots of days gone by since I last posted,
and I've been running around in a whirlwind.
Last week my husband had a slight headache,
when I checked his BP it was
He had to be admitted to the hospital to control the blood pressure.
the Doctor said it's because of the hectic kind of daily schedule
and of course due to his incessant smoking and faulty diet.
I guess we are living some kind of fast-forward life,
you know,
no time" to stop and smell the flowers" kind,
He's on medication now and is better.
On to some Happy notes now.......
Friday was Vaasu's B'day
And we all enjoyed a lot.
He ate the cherries off the cake even before blowing the candles off!
And he loved the chocolate cake for his evening party too.
Here's me and Vaasu rubbing noses,
he does it in a very sweet way-moving his head to and fro as if
he's going to "rub-off" my nose!
there was a little function at his play school
for the Mother's day and he gifted me this.....
The First ever Mother's Day gift to me!
He's done the paper crumpling and the finger printing on it!
The Big Mother's day.
I wanted to make something special for my mom
and had to make Jon's pretty heart.
but we had a fierce hailstorm and there was
no electricity for nearly half the day....
no access to the net!
Eventually I could make it in the evening by dinner time
and had to wait till then to give mummy my gift.
I've never tatted up something so fast!
My fingers were hurting!
But my mom loved it
and now it's going to hang on the wall of her bedroom.
Used up the earlier little tatted things I'd made
and Jon's Heart was the cherry on the cake.
Here's a closer view of the Mother's Day Heart by Jon.
Thanks Jon for sharing the pattern of this lovely heart.
Sorry if I've made some mistake as it was almost done from memory.
See even the glue can be seen thru !
Then had to complete Vaasu's homework.....
How, but to finish and garnish it with a little TATTING!!!!
Last, but in no way the least,
this is what I've made for the Design-tat group.
We were given a picture of a snowflake
and were supposed to design a tatting pattern on it.
The snowflake has turned out to be a Doily instead!!!!!
Can you see the butterflies in the outer round?
I'll finish the 25 Motif challenge with this one.
I'd love to start another round soon and hope it will be as exciting as this one.
I did not wish to make this post so long
I hope you've read it thru and enjoyed it!
If you have, Thanks a million for it.
I generally get lost reading long written out posts!


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