Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Butterflies in flight....

I'm so in love with these blue beads......
Saw Teri's bookmark with butterflies
and that's where the inspiration came from.
She uses split rings to make the butterflies,
this bracelet I've made
using four shuttles
With two centre shuttles for the core of the butterflies
Didn't want a border on them,
so as to give an appearance of free wings,
as if in flight..

That's what it looks like as a bracelet!

The lock of the bracelet made with
seperate strands of thread
in square knots...
to give a sliding lock......
with beaded danglers.....

so that it can be worn as a bracelet.....

an anklet!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

First magic loop socks

Now that I've learnt the Magic loop method ,
naturally I wanted to knit up some socks.
Here's my first one.
The pattern is from
Custom fit toe up socks.

The pattern notes are for two socks at once,
but I knit them one at a time.
Also, the cast on is done with a turkish cast on instead of what described in the pattern.

Cause I'm getting a little crazy over knit lace patterns,
I've tried putting in one in the centre of the sock,

Nothing very great though!

These are the two finished socks up my feet..

Showing off the heels.
My Hubby's Grandmom and Grandpa are visiting us
 and I gifted Biji these socks.

Up her feet.

And thats a Happy Biji!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

my 1st cabochon

Hello again!
Continuing to bead.....
Had some large shiny round resin beads,
covered it up with
cherry red beads and some matt gold ones
with peyote stitch.....
My very first cabochon.....
Backed with stringed beads in a star pattern....
Now to make a chain to go with it......

Friday, October 23, 2009

Tatted bag

Remember the small tatted beginning
 I showed you sometime back,
At last
It's completed.
The pouch itself made in tatting
with white no.20 anchor mercer cotton thread,
basic ring and chain pattern,
with split rings and split chains to climb up.
The top beaded fringe done in tatting.
Lower beaded edge done in crochet,
with daisy chain dangles attatchet to it.
Embellished with a beaded butterfly
done in brick stitch.
Big enough to dress up my mobile!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hi There!!!

I've been away for almost a month this time!

Just did not get the time to post.

Got a little unwell in the past week,
and work has been a little hectic too....
But so has been my wandering soul...
jumping all around
to a new found passion of
What a world out there!
Never looked at wool in the same way,
Never felt like this for knitting needles!
Right now I could knit 24x7

Last few times I've posted,
 the post was long and I had a lot to show too.
I'd got lost myself writing them down.
This time I've decided to do smaller posts
on one thing at a time.
I've posted my work of past three weeks
in 4/5
preceding posts.
Do scroll down on the home page,
take a look,
and tell me what you think.

I noticed that The blog has crossed
Thank you all for your love and appreciation!


May God bless you,
Be Happy,

Smiley mittens

Hooked on to knitting,
for the time being!
Learning to knit on circular needles.
Learned the
watching videos on You-tube

1st thing made...

Smiley Fingerless Mittens
For Vaasu.

He liked the Smiley but not it's hair!!!
Smiley's don't have hair!!!

Modelled by Vaasu, my dear lovely baby!
(Thank You for keeping them on for 2 mins!!!)

Could hardly keep up the tension of the yarn
and made big ladders at both sides!

Second one came out so much better!

Another sock and mitten addict in the making?



Ever since I joined Ravelry
I've got hooked on to knitting
and wanted to make something in knitted lace.
I've had this pattern faved since long.
The pattern can be found on Ravelry
I've made this shawl in 4 ply fingering weight pure wool.

I've never done this kind of a pattern
 and didn't know I would end up
 having more than 250 stitches on my needles!
How can such a mess of wool
ever look like a shawl,
let alone lace.
When i couldn't handle it any longer
on the normal length needles I bound off
This is what I got...

It's soooo pretty!!!
But instead of a shawl it's just scarf size.
Added a crochet rose on one end
and leaves on a long crochet double chain
for a tie.
Knitted up pretty fast though,
I'd cast on on Monday and bound off on Saturday.

Details of the "Nightsong"

Around my shoulders

Wrapped as a head scarf.
Love it!

Three little bags....!!!!!

 lots of little bags!

Small crochet bag done in simple DS for the body
with a
crocheted leaf spray
topped with a white crochet flower,
with a bead in the center.
Large wooden button for the lock.
Simple  but striking!



Another red bag,
with a fuzzy top
and a fuzzy long handle.

My son loved it a lot!
esp the lock!


Yet another one,
Again RED
but now with green

Tepestery Crochet.
simple zig-zag,
simple to look at but it did tax up my mind
Fun to do once you get the hang of it.
Again wooden button for the lock.

Two yarns braided to make a
long handle
doubled up for a smaller handle.

pulled thru handle
at the back of the bag.


Bead loom bracelet

With all the beads happenning to lie around me everywhere,
wanted to do more with them.
I found instructions on you tube
 on how to make a simple loom for beading.
So as I muched away the cookies ,
I cut up the carton to make a liittle loom.
Blue and white beads on white thread
made a little bracelet to fit my son's wrist.


The lock for the bracelet

It's a real wow technique,
I know I'll be cutting up many more cookie cartons.

Knitted bag & scarf

I'd got this interesting shimmery
4-ply baby yarn in dark blue.
I'd planned to make a cabled purse with it,
but the cables were not showing very well.
found this great pattern for
on ribbed knitted fabric

The smocking looked wonderful
 but just doesn't show up in the photos

Here's the finished little hand bag
decorated with
blue beads,
flower sequins and
pearl beads.
The handles are aluminium rounds
covered with the same yarn.
I really loved the look and feel
 of this pretty yarn
 so decided to team it up with a scarf.
A simple lace pattern
Dainty Chevron
turned the wool into a
shimmering piece of lace


The pattern repeat says 8 stitches but I've used 9
Above is the scarf blocking.

Here are the two paired together.



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