Monday, November 2, 2009

Some things old & some things new......

First the new.....
Remember the Filet crochet sampler
 I was doing long time back?
I had posted a little peek into it in this post....
I had it finished some time back,
it had been lying in my almirah for some time now.....
At last,
It is now part of a beautiful curtain
which I've put up on the window of my room.
Here is what it looks like....

Here's a close up of the lace edge...

And with the insertion....


Now for the old....
oh, what nostalgia!
We've been cleaning up Mom's place
And look what I found....

Small blanket done in crochet...

With a set of sweater, booties and mittens
I made even before Vaasu was born.
(the heart motif was my own pattern
and so was that done on the blanket.)
He could wear these till he was 1.
Another set also made for Vaasu

 when he was one...


from Knitty .com
This was a pretty difficult pattern to do,
and it took me a fairly long time to make.....
Vaasu almost grew out of it before it was complete!
He wore it only a couple of times I guess!
But ,I love it so... much.
It's so nice to find such pretty pretty little things
tucked away in a corner somewhere;
and remember how you made them.....
It wasn't so long ago, yes,
but I was teary eyed all the same......


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