Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's here!

Tatting Day
Here is what I've been tatting for the past one month
as a special tribute to this day.

'The Dark Woods Doily'
(Done in Anchor size 20 cotton thread,
11x9.5 inches finished)
This is the second year I'm going to celebrate this
How I'm going to do it?
I'll be tatting of course,
eat chocolate,
(even though I'm supposed to be on a diet, and I'm so trying to be off them! )
wear some tatting on me,
and have some wine
( it wouldn't hurt to have just a little!)
(and even though it's not a compulsory on the day!)

I'm definitely looking forward to a
Tatting Day
Wish the same for You.

At last!!!!

At last
has finished the
Spring Doily-2!
And it has turned out awesome!!!
Take a look at it

Thanks for all the effort Fox.
Love it!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lazy Sunday

What do you do on a lazy sunday noon
 when everybody in the house is sleeping?
I was not sleepy at all,
what else could I do.....
Took out my shuttles and got to work!

These doodles

got transformed into this.....

And then I had to get a nice pictures of them so I could show you!


Then decide which ones to keep, edit and  post!
Turned out to be quite a busy afternoon after all!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hi There!

Got my computer revamped and it's functioning a lot faster and better now.
My computer was taking ages to do anything!
In the meanwhile Mageretha send me a pic of the heart made off the Spring Doily

Thank you Margeretha for trying this out and not giving up on me.
And those are some really pretty shuttles!

I've tried to improve on the pattern pics but I hate writing out the pattern,
I'll try to do that next time for sure.
I've been invited by Georgia Seitz to the
to guest teach the Spring Doily Pattern and the heart.
This will be on 29th March.
I'm so excited!
Hope to see you there.

Here's another peep into my current project.

I'm trying real hard to finish by 1st April
but it's proving to be quite a tedious task.
I'll try though.
Luv ya all.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Test-Tat results

I'm so thankful to all of you who have tried out my Spring patterns.
Here's what I've recieved so far.....
Spring Heart
Tatted by Gina from Threads of a Tatting Goddess
Done in Tatskool's Choco-raspberry size-40 thread.

Gina has done the outside chains a bit differently and put in picots at the top and added a second row of chains too. She's used the shuttle and ball thread instead of using two shuttles.
It's lovely and I love the colors.
She's also planned to put a tail on it to make a bookmark for her friend.
Thank You Gina.

Spring Doily-2
Tatted by Jenny Clark aka Liyarra
Done in Lizbeth's Vineyard Harvest size-40 
Liyarra has put up this doily on her page and has written some very very nice things about me too!
I'm really honoured.
Thank You Liyarra.

Still waiting for the pics and feedback from 
Thanks for doing this for me.

I wanted someone to test-tat my pattern as that was the only way to know where I'm lacking and whether I'm able to put across my pattern in a  way that everybody understood.
According to the feedback I've had so far,
 I think the nature and positions of the joins required were a little confusing.
For all those who are still trying I'll try to explain better here.....
I've done this in two colors to make it easier
Shuttle-1 Pink
Shuttle-2 Purple
The first part is pretty simple.
then there's a chain of 16-16
 and a join at the core thread to a chain that has not been formed as yet.
That would be done with an inverted picot
 as I've explained in Spring Doily1


When you make the top ring for the second repeat, (it's a floating ring off the last chain)
Turn the work and start with the 8-8 chain with the pink thread (or shuttle1 thread)as the core.
The ring turns down on its own....

The next confusing part is where to make the join when you come up on the second repeat.
At the top is the LJ made into the thread marked with red in the pic
(I'm not finding appropriate words to explain it!)
The pink thread (shuttle 1) now automatically is in the position for the chain to be continued with the purple thread (shutte 2 )at the core.
I hope I've made things a little easier with this picture tutorial!
Here's a pic of the finished Pink&Purple Spring Doily-2
Done by ME
 in Anchor size-20
with frontside -backside tatting

Thanks once again.

Friday, March 19, 2010

A heart, a request & a peep.....

Sring Heart, maybe?
Derived from the pattern of
Spring Doily-2.
I think it's quite visible in the pattern diagram itself!
Just added a chain all around.
Thank You all for the response to my two litlle Doilies.

 I feel  I really need to see the patterns tatted by someone else,
maybe to know for sure that the pattern is right.
(and definitely to bask in the glory of somebody else tatting my pattern!)
Could I please have someone test tat them for me?
If someone does,
send me an e-mail or leave a comment at this post
  and I'll get back to you.
Thanks in advance!

And now for the peep!
Here's a peep into my current project......
I hope to finish this by


Luv U All
SeeYa soon!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another one!

I'm really in the springy mood I guess!
Here's another one of the spring tattings
The Pattern!
Click on the picture to enlarge it 
or on widget to get the pdf


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Doily

I promised that my next post is going to be tatting,
And this is what I came up with.....

And here's the pattern....
Wind Two shuttles-CTM
Ring  14-14
Ch20, vsp, 2nd stitch of ds, 2nd stitch of ds,
(this makes the chain turn)
continue to ch16, join to picot of ring

ch 10
Place marker thread on core thread
Place 2nd marker on core thread


join at 2nd marker place
(core thread to core thread)
(To create space between the stitches for the join pull on the marker thread a little, remove the marker thread and join. Insert hook in the space created,  pull up a loop of the core thread & pull the shuttle through the loop)
( I used a thread as a marker but definitely you can use a safety-pin or a paper-clip)
ch6-10, Join at 1st marker.
ch10-16, Join at vsp of 1st chain
Ring 14, join to picot on last chain, 14, close ring,
Repeat from * to *

In the subsequent repeats make a join at the the place for the 1st picot of 6-3-6 to the 2nd picot of the previous 6-3-6 ch.
And join the chain while coming up to the picots as in the picture below


The next ring is joined to the last picot on the ch 10-16


Make 10 repeats
 and in the last repeat join to the picots as you come up the work,
ch20, cut and tie at the top of the 1st ring, hide ends.

CTM- continuous thread method
vsp- Very small picot
ds- Double stitch
rw/RW- Reverse work
SLT- Shoe lace trick

I hope you like what I've made.
Do try it out.
I've written the pattern just off-hand and I know that it's bound to have some mistakes.....
feel free to point them out.
Now I'm really really late for work, I'll have to run!

Spring Doily pdf for download
Spring Doily
Spring Doily.pdf
Hosted by eSnips


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Looking back at the winters

Spring is here!
Winter is gone
and so are my days of knitting.
I'm back to tatting!
It seems like such small and fine work after working with woolly yarns,
but I'm definitely in the spring-y mood
and so do I feel when tatting.

I've been away from my blog for sooo....long!
And, though I've been making stuff,
 I've not put forth any posts.
I believe I've been busy!
But, now that I look back,
busy with-don't know what!!!!!
Well, whatever,
To compensate for all that,
I've put together everything
(except the froggs and what I've already posted, of course!)
into a slide show.
I hope you enjoy it.

Most of these projects and the details have been posted on
on my page.
The next post is going to be tatting,
I promise.


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