Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weekend trip

We were off to the Ganga River for rafting.
Left on friday night and got back on sunday (late night)
We went in a big group of nearly 20 people
and enjoyed a lot.
Didn't get time to post about it earlier,
Here are some of the pics
Me, sis & Khyati

The tent we stayed in

The camp from the river bank

The river Ganga at dawn

Sunrise on the mountains

I was the first one to wake up the next morning at nearly 4:30 AM
It was amazing!
No human sounds at all...
only the sounds of the river and the birds chirping....
I sat on the rocks
 with my feet in the ice cold water
 for nearly two hours,
and it was really peaceful and relaxing
 to sit there and crochet.

Another crochet edging I started there.

Later in the day the river rafting was simply amazing.
Loved every moment of the trip.

And now back at home and the usual....

New crochet cell phone bag in white cotton.

And a bracelet with green beads and wires.

Until next time......

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm guilty!

Of indulging exessively!!!!
Me and my neice went to
Chandni Chowk
in Delhi
to have some fun

and ended up finding whole sellers for beads, threads,
jewellery supplies,
you name it you have it there.....
and all at almost 1/10th the price of retail!!!!

Lots of cotton yarn...

A lifetime supply of beads...
Glass beads!
and some silk...
The shopkeeper must be thinking I'm crazy!!!

You can't even  imagine my level of elation!!!

And now for some tatting.....
Something starry.....!!??
To mark my

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My hands are sore.....

But I'm loving every moment of it!

A necklace of tatted lace....
Pink and Red thread,
Lots of split rings.....
And a split ring locket,
with pink and red bead dangles.

And some scrolled wire bracelets.....


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New addition to family

My son had his 4th B'day
on 8th May
and we got him this....

Cute little yellow Labrador pup!
He's sooooo cute and cuddly,
and very playful.
Plays for 15 mins, sleeps for 15 mins!
Still deciding on a name for him......
So confusing!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I hardly wear anything around my neck
 other than the chain my hubby gave me on our wedding night,
with a locket my mom gave me some 15 years back, I think.
Only place I wear my 'other' stuff
is on my wrists.
So, made bracelets of the long spiral chains I'd made.

Some tatted flowers I made up as fillers of time....

end up on a pink spiral chain to make another one....

Do you see the center of the flowers......
I filled it up with some thread weaving kind of thing...
(nice way to handle the thread ends on such small motifs! )
I don't know what it's called,
but I've done it for the first time.....
Looks lovely though, doesn't it?

Until next time.......


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