Thursday, August 26, 2010

Can't stop beading.....

Finished a full spool of nylon,

Broken three needles,

and my fingers are seived.......

( pink herringbone bracelet for my neice)

I'm loving it!

( Red and gold bead netting bracelet for my sis, modelled by my neice)

I'm trying to learn new techniques,
It's so engrossing and fun!

Here are a few of the things I've made lately.....

1. Bead net in Red and gold, adorned with russian leaves and a bell flower.
2.Mittered Cellini spiral.
3. Bead crochet rope with peyote loop and toggle.
4. Bead crochet rope different size beads and peyote toggle and loop.
5.Herringbone strip with scrunch bead flower, a russian leaf and a bell flower.

Beaded beads

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm back

I've been gone from here for two months!
though I was back from the Europe trip in the end of June,
I've just not had the time to post anything.
Life has been a whirlwind since the time I've been back!

1st here are a few snapshots of our
lovely lovely trip......

Now that I'm back, I haven't been upto much.....
But I did make some things......

Tatted bracelet in Black with blue beads

It's a bracelet made with a single shuttle
and a pretty easy pattern I came up with.
I've written down the pattern
would try to make it available here some time soon.

A simple tatted set
with transparent beads
Small flowers
Josephine chain string.
I'd made several of these
 to send to my Ravelry swap group.
Pretty fast and simple to work.


I bought these scissors from a store in
Colmar (France)
Lovely, isn't it?
a tatted and a crochet flower in silk.
The thread tats up beautifully,
though a little slippery.
not fun to crochet with it at all!

A small tapestry crochet pouch for my
MP3 player
with a beaded toggle.

Talking of beads,
That's what I've been doing a lot these days,
in whatever time I get, that is!

Beaded flowers set
with small flower earrings.

Trying to bead a bead....

Russian leaves earrings...

Tried to make a bangle......
Bead crochet rope
with bead baubles at the ends,
but it's a little short to go around the wrist,

Added a peyote loop and
 made a charm for my purse handle!

Peyote strip....

and a toggle....

Cold Porcelaine beads bracelet.

And finally....

Bead Crochet rope lariat
a beaded Calla lily at one end
and bead corals at the other...

I love this one!

I've made a bracelet to go with it
can't find the pic right now.....

Learning to do the
Cellini spiral.....
That's what I'm carrying around
in my purse these days......
That's it for now.....
See you soon later.


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