Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm so addicted!!!

Just can't put my beads away.......


Lovely  delicate bracelet,
in my fav color combination.
Modified Daisy chain.

Blue Eyes

A Chunky bracelet
with a toggle that has an identity of it's own...

The pics not doing any justice to the piece!
Lovely blues...
with a dash of white.....
Modified RAW
Inspired by Gwen Fisher's work


Beautiful Pattern by
Loved the complexity of the pattern....
Looks like lace!
The colors????
Oh, so so wrong!!!!
The locks are beaded buttons..
I have to do that again.


Like little beehives.....
to make a set of three beaded beads.....
Still awaiting a chain to go through them!


Large lampwork glass beads worked with
copper colored seed beads and orange glass beads.....

UFOs for the wrist!


Light and fluid.....
Lovely colors,
Love that turquoise.....
An airy bracelet....

I have so many bracelets now,
Most of them are just lying in a box.....

I'm going to list them up on my Artfire shop
I might as well share my treasures with

Visit my shop

Do keep checking..
I'll be listing soon.

Until next time......

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Big beads

Remember when I got a loot of beads?
I'd bought these big tear drop shaped beads
and I had no idea what I'd do with them.

Found some inspiration here
(not that I reached anywhere near the original!)


Another one....
Big  green beads
covered in gold and red.

Double gold

I like the backside of the flower,
maybe, it could be a reversible pendant!


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