Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Monastral Bracelet

Macrame, crochet, tatting,bead crochet, beading- brick stitch flowers and leaves, Russian leaves and embroidery.........

All put together in this bracelet.

-this is how it started out- little amethyst stones wrapped in macrame knots with little macrame leaves. Then I was trying out a brick stitch flower and leaves which got added. Now can there be anything prettier than tatted flowers......

I'd thought of adding a macrame base but it would have taken a lot of time and would have been difficult to sew the stuff on, so made a simple rectangular crochet base......

And sewed on everything one by one. 😊

I had lots of trouble thinking and trying out how to put a lock for the bracelet. Once the loops were made, couldn't decide what to use for the toggle.
At last I decided to use these simple beaded beads for the lock.

Finished with a little bead embroidery with crystals and beads.

I'm happy with what I did with my time the last week or so I took to make this bracelet.😀

Why the name MONASTRAL?
Well that's the name of the shade of the blue thread used....
What else would you have called it?
Amethyst garden? Blue fairy Garden? Midnight blue?
Maybe I'll give it a new name if you suggest some........

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