Thursday, May 21, 2009


My mom was asking me for a long time to
start a bigger project than the
little tatted pieces I'd been doing.

We'll be shifting into a new house by the end of next year
and so we decided to make
some stuff for the new home.

I'm so excited about it that I'm brimming over with ideas !
Table covers, cushions, bed spreads , valances,
embroideries for the walls,
doilies, dressing table sets,
towels, kitchen stuff.......
If I do "somehow" get to make all of it ,
my house is going to look like
a vintage Victorian era house
(read =old fashioned?)
or like a museum of some sort!

The first project I've started is a
Dining table set of six table-mats,
one centre runner,
six napkins
and some doilies for the centre.

I've made the crochet edging onto four mats

till now and the fifth one is in progress.

I'm really confused as to how to adorn the corners....
an embroidered motif,
or a tatted or crocheted motif.....

Just cant decide!

This is the edging I've decided for the centre piece......

Hope it turns out well!

I'll try to update whenever possible......

Here's another try at the crochet doily

This time it's a pineapple pattern,
It looks like tiger stripes in the garden!!!!


***Jon**** said...

Wow, that will be a big project - making all the lace for the whole house. I hope you keep us updated as each one progresses.

TattingChic said...

Your crochet is lovely!

That little tatted motif is very pretty. Is that your own design or from somewhere? I'm just curious. :)

Vinnie said...

I hope I do get to do all of it!
But it's easy to stray away from big projects. I'll definitely keep updating.
Thanks Tatting chic,
I was just trying out a motif for the corner, the design is from nowhere!

tattrldy said...

Wow, lace for the whole house! That should keep you busy.
I love your tatted motif. If you came up with it you should definitely write it down. It's very cute.

Liyarra said...

Vinnie, Love the blue background motif. Can you send me a contact email?? I would like your advice on achieving those dead end chains and discuss a pattern I have designed. I could really use your help.
Best regards,


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