Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Much water is flowing.......

Life is going on.....

And water is flowing.....
under the bridge of course!

So long!...So long since I posted!!!
Can't even believe that.

Well, all sort of things have happened since I last posted here....

I was frantically working on my beads all of Jan and Feb
as I had an Exhibition of my work...
Nothing Big though...
It was at my home,
with family and friends.

Not that my work was not appreciated, but,
 somehow what I remember most is...

"Why are you wasting so much energy on something like this?
You are already a professional and its like you are wasting your time."

Am I really wasting my time?

Few days back I had a robbery,
I've never had anything taken away from me...
My car window was smashed and my handbag with all my credit cards, ID,
My bead bag and other imp stuff
robbed in broad daylight....
He took away my gym bag!
 with my clothes and towel!
My bag hardly had any cash,
 the credit cards have been blocked,
 accounts closed,
 new IDs applied for...


what is that person going to do with my clothes?
What's he going to do with my ID , my DL?
They should be useless to him ,
Why can't he just return them back?

Recently I talked to one of my college colleague,
I was pretty excited as we used to be friends,
This person tells me-
You're not a 20 something college girl now to laugh out so loud!


I have a loving family
Parents , Sister, Inlaws, husband
who have always stood by me whatever may happen, whatever I may do,
They have always been there,
I know I don't need anything more in this world...

But somewhere it hurts.

Why do people have to form opinions?
Why can't I be what I want to be?


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