Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hot Sunny Days........

Hi, There!

How all you been?

Me had lots of mood swings,

bad hair days,

lazy days,

working nights,

heat exhaustion,

no monsoon,

pimples on my face,

not finding anything worthwhile to wear in my closet


and so on


You get the point,

don't you?

That's what summer in Delhi does to you!


I made these colorful things to brighten up

my boring hot life at the moment.

Here is what I did with Sherry's Chatelaine edging.....

It now sits pretty on an organdi mat
that I've edged with the same colour thread
in button-hole stitch
by hand.

Then, another wardrobe addition for my mobile......

Here's a closer look
at the satin ribbon bow
and the bead flower on it..

Made the mobile model a little bit more,
Here's the side view.....


something to take to shopping...
Little basket 'so that I can shop little!!!!!

That would make my hubby so happy!!!

I've been trying out filet crochet lately
and this is the first piece I made.

The white mobile cover panels are filet crochet too.

I'm planning to do a larger project in filet next.....


Love all your comments.
Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Butterfly and strawberry

Butterfly made in crochet

link to tutorial: here

Thank you!
Though I coudn't understand the language,
but I could follow!

here's the strawberry
I wanted to post yesterday.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Now tatting.....

I'm back to tatting!
Searched and searched for an edging pattern
Which would be elegant and quick to make......

Finally decided to go for

The pattern can be found at her blog
Tatting Tales ~ All things Tatting (It's an obsession)

I've substituted the SCMR ring with
an onion ring
and the ring on it with a double picot.
Somehow could do that faster!

Now what all can I do with it?
Let's see....

Thanks for visiting
Do keep in touch

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Little bags

Still crocheting!
Made these two little bags for my dear mobile phone...

One Red

And the other green..

Here they stand together

It's been real fun making them.

Now my mobile looks better dressed up than me!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday at last........

Hello everyone!
Long time no see.....
My computer blooped out on me!
It caught a nasty virus
which deleted all my files and saved things.
I've lost around 80 GB of data
stored in my computer!

When I connected my phone to the computer
the phone was washed out too!!!
Now that my computer is alive again
and my phone has also been restored it's lost status,
I'm ready for posting
the stuff I've been up to lately!

1st and foremost,
I've finished the edging of the
dining table set that I was doing.

Here are some pictures of it....

I've not done any motif on the set as mom said that
as it is they are going to be covered with the dishes
and is giving a very clean look now.
Also because I couldn't decide on a suitable motif!!!

Finished the tatted edging I was making
and have mounted it on a photo-frame.

The frame had been gifted to me
on my birthday
two years back by my
HOD Dr.R.Usha.
It had been lying packed up since then!

At last I've put it up on the wall!

In the meantime,
I also learned to make crochet flowers.
So, when I made the flowers
had to make something to put them on.....

Found lots of scrap wool lying around
and so made this bag!

These are some of the things I finished making ,

Now for some new starts......
Started a table cloth,

Here's a sampler.....

Hoping to be in touch sooner this time.

Bye for now.

And please do keep your feed backs coming!




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