Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chains in chains

After umpteen efforts I finally could make the beautiful
double chain of Teri which she explained on her blog a few days back.
The effect is awesome:)
Could make a small one only for now.
Motif No18 for 25 motif challenge.

Friday, February 27, 2009


Finally I've written down the pattern for this paisely.
This was the pattern liked by most from my little assortment .
It's on e-snips and the link is on the left panel.
Hope you like it.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some more Paisleys

Thanks a lot for wishing me on my b'day.

Thank you Wally for asking for the pattern, I've been trying to do it since morning but everytime I change something and a new one crops out.

So far I've made five paisleys, I'll definitely try to write down the best pattern for you.

It's so easy to do it when you have instructions in front of you,

I think I never realized how much hard work goes into it !!!

Hats off to all those designers out there.

Thanks for making our lives so easy!

It's my
Happy b'day to me!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Two little Paisleys

Paisleys are traditional Indian motifs used in so many designs....
on cloth, embroidery, jewellery, henna designs, etc.
Also called the AMBI in Hindi.
Tried making ambis with tatting,
didn't find any pattern based on it.
Made two little ambis till now......
more to come....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Coaster

Made another one !
Even though the thread is making my fingers hurt.
Couldn't keep myself from making another.
No:16 for 25Motif Challenge.

Flowers and coaster

I've been a little busy trying out this new edging .
1st of all its so delicate(size 8), now that I've got used to tatting with nice and thick size20,
moreover I'd been stuck at the corner for some while!
I must have done and redone it some three or four times.
Ultimately I could only think of the mirror image option.
My MIL has already booked the edging to be put on the neckline of her new suit!
I'll submit this as Motif No:14 for the 25Motif challenge.
I've made this coaster with a braided kind of thread that I bought the other day.
The size and feel of this thread is diametrically opposite to what I was using yesterday!
It was difficult to put in my little Pony shuttles,
so I had to wind it on a big hair clip of mine!
even then it was really difficult .
I could only manage to make one coaster for now.
I'm definitely going to get a bigger shuttle for this thread.
Motif No:15 for 25Motif challenge.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Vintage Grapevine

Ever since I found tatting on the net I fell in love with this pattern.
This was the first picture I downloaded.
Bunch of Grapes from First edition of Tatting book by Reigo in 1850.
Found the redone pattern by Martha Ess on Georgia seitz site
(where else???)
I've done it with Anchor size 8 pearl cotton.
The thread is not wound so tight and is a little delicate to handle;
it's the first time I've used it for tatting,
but it looks shiny and nice!
I've used simple shuttle joins where the pattern asks for 'pnt'
and is done with continuous thread,
also used the knotted tatting tech. for the leaf joins
Motif No:13 for 25Motif challenge.

New threads

Got some new threads.
Though not thought about what I'm going to make!
The big spool is of a cord like thread (I don't know what it's called)
Looked very interesting so bought it too.
Now back to tatting!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Flowery flowery star

Remember the song "Starry Starry Night"
Inspiration for my "Flowery Flowery Star"
Made with Size 20 Anchor MC Thread in Blue and White
using Daisy Picot tech.
Motif No:11 for 25Motif Challenge.

What to do with them!!!!

I got these things from the market some time back but haven't been able to use them till now.
I tried making rings around the long beads but the stitch count is a lot to make the ring close nicely; in fact it doesn't remain a ring!
The square glass beads are really pretty and I thought of making something like Teri's Turtles with them but square turtles?????
It's easy to make earrings and make danglers with the other type of pins.
I saw these stud type things and bought them; now I don't know how to fix anything on them.
Please give me some ideas to use these things that are just lying around!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Green and Yellow fan

Started With some green thread......
No directions, no pattern...
Just some inspiration.......

Added some fingers and tried filling in the spaces......

Added the tassel.
And we have a fan!!!!!!

Green and Yellow Fan.

Added some flowers from my mother's garden
and my sister's dress as background.......
Motif no:10
25 Motif Challenge

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pattern for Little heart

Wrote down the pattern for the heart .
This is the first time i've noted down a pattern ....
It's on Microsoft office Word 2007.
The link is on the right side of the page.
Do tell me if it works....

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lots of WIPs

Trying out new things all at once!
So many things to make !
Sometimes the thread ends or the ball is lost(my son plays with them a lot!),or just get tired of doing the same stuff or maybe a new inspiration comes around!
Whatever the reason,lots happening in my tatting world,
but nothing is complete as yet.
The last new thing I learned was the Single shuttle split ring.
The video demo by AnneB on e-tatters made it look so easy and I could do it in one go.
Then I realized that if you pull the core thread tight the ring becomes a D.
So I made a handkerchief edging with it,all in one go and with one shuttle!
I can't imagine to be the first one to do this.
If anyone finds any mention of something similar
or a pattern based on it please do tell me about it.
Had also tried the knotted tatting in Priscilla Tatting Book,
it really is cumbersome but looks good.
All I've made with it now is the white motif,
I might make it into a small doily(someday!!!)

Friday, February 13, 2009



Hi,I'm back!

Missed my tatting soooooo.... much.

It was like I had a piece of yummy chocolate pastry in front of me but couln't eat it!

Well now that I'm back;

I tatted little hearts to keep up the Valentine spirit.

This is a small heart made with ball and shuttle thread .

Very simple and fast to make.

I've already gifted some to my patients.

Here's two of them!

Another little heart made with a single shuttle using SSSRs
Motif no:4 for 25motif challenge.(I missed the No:4!!)

This one made again with one shuttle.
Motif no:12for 25motif challenge
and last but not the least ..... very little heart ring!
Enjoy the day everybody!!!!!


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