Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hot Sunny Days........

Hi, There!

How all you been?

Me had lots of mood swings,

bad hair days,

lazy days,

working nights,

heat exhaustion,

no monsoon,

pimples on my face,

not finding anything worthwhile to wear in my closet


and so on


You get the point,

don't you?

That's what summer in Delhi does to you!


I made these colorful things to brighten up

my boring hot life at the moment.

Here is what I did with Sherry's Chatelaine edging.....

It now sits pretty on an organdi mat
that I've edged with the same colour thread
in button-hole stitch
by hand.

Then, another wardrobe addition for my mobile......

Here's a closer look
at the satin ribbon bow
and the bead flower on it..

Made the mobile model a little bit more,
Here's the side view.....


something to take to shopping...
Little basket 'so that I can shop little!!!!!

That would make my hubby so happy!!!

I've been trying out filet crochet lately
and this is the first piece I made.

The white mobile cover panels are filet crochet too.

I'm planning to do a larger project in filet next.....


Love all your comments.
Thanks for stopping by.


Gina said...

Fun projects! I love doing filet crochet.

Maria Filomena said...

Beatiful blog......
cumprimentos de Maria Filomena

Fox said...

Hi Vinnie,
I love the chatelaine edging - very pretty. I wish I could see it larger, but I cannot seem to bring it up on my computer. Hope your weather has improved. It is hot here to, but not like Delhi, I'm quite sure! Fox : )

Vinnie said...

Thanks for posting comments.
I'm learning to do filet crochet for the first time and it's really amazing to see a picture emerge out of little squares!

it's really hot here, the temperature is somewhere near 42-43 degrees(c) and we are desperately waiting for some rain.
See you again soon.

nima said...

wow...edging looks very pretty...Beuatiful crochet works too.

Nancy in Dallas said...

Vinnie! I love your blog! You have added so many cool things!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Your organdi mat is lovely! I really do not care for those swealtering days either but it looks like you are making the best of it!

Mariarita said...

You compliment your blog it is beautiful and your jobs are splendid.
I have added you to my blog roll crochet and filet.
Mariarita from Italy

Тatyana said...

Wow! So beuatiful! Master's work!

Nithya said...

Lovely work. Very cute blog.

First time here and sure would be around now and then.. keep it going.

Take a look at my blogs when you find time.

Nithya said...

Lovely creations and a very cute blog.

here for the first time and sure would be peeping in from now on. Keep it going.

do take a look at my blogs when you find time.

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful, your job, congrats,
you is indian?
this is a religion ganesh, here in Brazil is now the novel way of India, which shows the custom of its people, its culture very beautiful, in your crochet work is very beautiful


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