Friday, July 17, 2009

Another one......

How've you all been?

Today I was at home alone
and got down to some house cleaning...

While clearing the drawers of my old study table
I found a bunch of letters written to me by
my elder sis and my father,
and I was transported back to those
rebellious teenage years-
when I wouldn't want to hear anything,
do anything they told me to do,
so they wrote letters to me!
(which I did read and store carefully !)
only mom could talk to me to be heard!

How time changes everything...

I loved them then
and I love them now!

But yes,
Now I realize
how much they always loved me!

amongst the garbage I found
a box full of scrap threads,
and some old tatted edgings!
Simple ones, you know, like rings only...

I wondered what to do with them,
then got an
Took out the red velvet,
my sewing machine...
and my phone got a new addition
to it's ever expanding wardrobe!

Here .....
take a look....

The flower is simply ruffled up edgings in layers!

Can you see the Ink mark on the two top petals?
Well, the flower was stained
isn't it giving a sort of antique finish to it.....
(I know,
You wouln't have noticed
had I not told you!)

That's it for now
but do keep your
lovely lovely
comments coming in!


TattingChic said...

You!? A rebellious teenager??? I don't believe it, LOL!

Your latest work is lovely and that is such a pretty photo, too! Where did you get the pretty frame for it?

Thank you for entering my giveaway! Good luck to you!

Isdihara said...

Aren't old letters the most precious of treasures?

Favorite old books of mine are the ones that retell a story through exchanges of old letters. (Think "Dangerous Liasons" or "Letters to Rosy" by Ellene Bartlett.)

I love how you created something so beautiful from old scraps of lace.

nima said...

wow...that looks pretty...very creative

ArTeSaNiCa said...

tas cosas lindas pasa por mi blog y llevae el Mimo.

yarnplayer said...

It's beautiful, and it's recycling! Perfect!

Drikka Croche said...

Olá querida, vim dar uma espiada e agradecer a visita em meu blog, Obrigado deixo aqui tambem um grande beijo ate mais.

Déborah Belmiro said...

I am Deborah and I'm from Brazil!
I like your blog. Nice works!
I hope your visit on my blog too.
Sorry my little English!


Déborah Belmiro said...

Thanks for your visit!

I added your page on my list for view the updates.

Is this your son?!

Vinnie said...

Yes I was a rebel in some sense!
I'm making my photo frames by this drawing programme-Serif DrawPlus, nothing great, just changed the line style of the selected photo and you get a frame!

yes, Ishidhra, I do treasure all my letters . It's more interesting to read them later! they bring on so many memories.
Thanks to Nima, Yarnplayer,Drikka Croche and Deborah for the beautiful comments.
Thanks Artesanica for the award!
And deborah, Yes that's my son when he was about 1 yr old!


Awesome tatting bag
Nice color combination.
You are very creative.
happy day


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