Monday, December 21, 2009


I'd been wanting to do this for so long.....
Just about 2 day's back
I gave it a try with my crochet hook,
could only make rings...
Googled 'tatting with wool'
and found
Totusmel gives a pattern for a scarf done with
what else,
I never thought it could be done!
Not with the SHUTTLE of course,
but with
Everytime I thought about needle tatting I'd almost
rubbished it off
I could do anything with the shuttle!
(I'm sorry if I hurt anybody's sentiments.)
the needle is my new best friend!
and I can't get enough of it.
Been to Georgia Seitz's site
Hh tatting,
read the needle tatters forum on In-Tatters
Joined Needle tatters
and still can't get enough......
Here's to show off what I'm doing with the needle....

1st attempt flower.....

Simple bracelet
With the Josephine chain and split-rings!

The lock of the bracelet
Ring through ring....

Another bracelet...


Bracelet with a pendant
with my pretty pretty rose buttons....

Brooch on my coat laple with the needle through...

Starting off an edging....
The pattern asked for 10 ds in the clover
can't handle that big a ring with wool,
it gets better with a smaller size and another try....
See the small pink one done in size 20 thread....
Am I enjoying myself.....
Getting the needles was tough and I did have to
innovate for that too,
There were no needle tatting instruments in the local store I get my stuff from
(he'd never heard of anything like needle tatting before!)
And because I've never ordered anything from the web,
And also because I could't wait to get going ,
I had to get down to business urgently!

I took a Regular thick long needle with a sharp end and
filed the sharp end off to make it blunt!
The thinner needle used for the 20 thread
is a flowering needle used to make garlands!
It was almost a foot long,
I've cut off the sharp end and
filed it up too!
They are both working well.
Let's see how far am I going to go with this.......

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