Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Much water is flowing.......

Life is going on.....

And water is flowing.....
under the bridge of course!

So long!...So long since I posted!!!
Can't even believe that.

Well, all sort of things have happened since I last posted here....

I was frantically working on my beads all of Jan and Feb
as I had an Exhibition of my work...
Nothing Big though...
It was at my home,
with family and friends.

Not that my work was not appreciated, but,
 somehow what I remember most is...

"Why are you wasting so much energy on something like this?
You are already a professional and its like you are wasting your time."

Am I really wasting my time?

Few days back I had a robbery,
I've never had anything taken away from me...
My car window was smashed and my handbag with all my credit cards, ID,
My bead bag and other imp stuff
robbed in broad daylight....
He took away my gym bag!
 with my clothes and towel!
My bag hardly had any cash,
 the credit cards have been blocked,
 accounts closed,
 new IDs applied for...


what is that person going to do with my clothes?
What's he going to do with my ID , my DL?
They should be useless to him ,
Why can't he just return them back?

Recently I talked to one of my college colleague,
I was pretty excited as we used to be friends,
This person tells me-
You're not a 20 something college girl now to laugh out so loud!


I have a loving family
Parents , Sister, Inlaws, husband
who have always stood by me whatever may happen, whatever I may do,
They have always been there,
I know I don't need anything more in this world...

But somewhere it hurts.

Why do people have to form opinions?
Why can't I be what I want to be?


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I'm sorry to read of your misfortune. As for wasting time, they don't know what they're talking about! Keep on doing what you love, and don't worry about the opinions of others!

Mangala said...

Dont stop creating stuff coz u are super talented. Ppl who say that dont know how creative u are and they are never going to know the joy of creating something unique wtih your own hands. I too have ppl saying that my stuff is overpriced. They expect my creations to be the same price as the stuff they get on street. I am better off not selling to them coz the ppl who appreciate art and know the value of art, will never hesitate to pay for good quality work. Keep going!

Maureen said...

You didn't make the items for the purpose of gaining people's approval, you made them because it gave YOU pleasure and a sense of satisfaction to do so.It's something you do for yourself. Just smile sweetly and Rise Above It!
Being grown-up and mature is very liberating, you no longer have to worry about what others think.
The robbery is terrible, you have every right to be furious about that.
Keep on doing what you enjoy.

Michelle said...

I think it's wonderful that you laugh and have reason to do so. Don't worry about the other person's opinion, perhaps she was having a a sour day and was envious of your ability to laugh aloud.

Don't try to understand the mind of the person who stole your things, it will just make you crazy/sad. You really don't want to get into this person's brain anyway. I'm very sorry for your invasion/loss (been there- my creep took a eyeglass case full of crochet hooks from my great aunt in his theft).

Just continue to be the happy, creative wonderful person you are! And know there are followers who are thinking of you today!

Margarets designer cards said...

I am so sorry to hear about your news, you are not wasting your time, you are simply having a rest before your creative brain starts to work again. I am sure who ever took your clothes is kicking himself for being so silly taking something that has nothing in it of value. Please rise above it all and show the world you are OK. clothes can be replaced, life goes on and opinions dont matter. The joy of creating is your joy.

Miranda said...

I find it sad that anyone could think that creating beauty is a waste of time. If more people spent their time creating beauty, they would be happier and the world would be a better place. What I hear in a comment like that is low self-esteem. They don't think they would ever be able to do something like that, so they are jealous and try to discourage you. Don't listen!

I think it is equally sad that anyone would think you can be too old to laugh. My grandma was telling me yesterday about the assisted living home where she lives. The dining tables are set up for them to eat in groups of 4, and usually the same group of 4 will always eat together. It seems that all the other residents are jealous of the people at my grandma's table because they are always laughing throughout their meals; everybody wants to be in "their" group. But they're not intentionally being exclusive, it's just the way the tables are set up. She and I both had the same reaction: Well, why don't they go ahead and laugh and have fun at their own tables? There's nothing to stop them!

I think your beading is beautiful, and I am glad that you still know how to enjoy life.

I'm sorry to hear about the theft. At least you didn't lose anything that couldn't be replaced. Still, I know it makes you feel hurt and less safe.

Keep being yourself and doing all of your wonderful crafts. I always love seeing what you've done.

Karen said...

So sorry about your experiences and thankful there's a supportive group here who are a safe place to vent. Karen in OR

Miranda said...

One more thought. It was really just one person at the exhibition who made such an unkind remark, wasn't it? So instead of dwelling on that, why not focus on all of the compliments you must have gotten instead?

Vinnie said...

Wow! I never knew so many people would read this!
I usually don't sob around but this is so encouraging.
Thanks to all of you who have left me comments.
I definitely include you all in the "my" people list.
Thanks again.

Ridgewoman said...

“Consider the source.” People who have toxic personalities seem to like to spread venom to discourage and bring down.
Friend? I think not!
Creative people are usually not understood; we are round pegs in a square society and that in some way makes us threatening to their humdrum life.
Negative comments just reflect the bitterness and lack in their own lives ~ not yours.
Being robbed is such a personal violation, aside from all the business of getting it all straightened out. Been there, done that! It is disheartening.
Just let all this negativity go...turn it loose to drift away. Just know that there are more people who enjoy your creativity than do not. It is the one thing we do for ourselves..an outlet for the spark within...
Bless you...bev

knottygal said...

I am sorry you were made to feel this way. I remember my Dad discouraging me anytime I tried my hand at painting or embroidery during my school days. He too considered them as 'waste of time'. For him. I'd rather be studying and bettering my grades.

But, my husband understands my 'need' to create things.. in fact, I learnt a whole bunch of crafts after I got married to make up for the lost time. Don't worry about what others may say.. Keep your chin up and carry on. there are many like you who love to create things.Keep them close to you and you will be in good company. :-)

Fox said...

You can be anything or any one you want because you are a talented. intelligent and beautiful human being - as far as I can tell!

Trust me - I get my law degree when I was 51 years old! On a dare! People thought I was nuts and maybe I was, but I wanted to do it! If I can do that ...

Life is short, my friend. Follow your heart.
♥ Fox : )

Monica said...

I've found that I need my creative time, and I'm not talented at all. But when I don't find time to play wiht my shuttles, or sort through some beads I also don't have a way to let my cares and stresses melt away.

I want you to promise not to stop being creative! Your work inspires me to keep trying to learn how to be a better tatter.

Carla said...

Only now I read what happened to you. I am very sorry. Soon it will be just a bad memory.
Keep doing your work and publish them because they are very beautiful.
A big hug


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