Friday, July 10, 2015


Years and years later I come back!
I almost forgot I had a blog!!!

What about my tatting?
Well, though I'm still carrying around a shuttle and thread in my purse, but, not tatted much lately.

In exchange the Sewing bug caught me!
I used to sew clothes when I was in school. Basically my mom used to cut and I used to help her out sewing and embroidering on the suits or nighties or whatever we made. It was fun.
I always wanted to sew my own clothes, but I had no idea how to transfer my ideas to clothes or make patterns.
I decided I wanted a sewing machine for myself. I asked for it as a birthday present this time. My husband was like "ARE U CRAZY?"

So I have a beautiful Singer with me now. (Husband gets a Ducati for his Birthday and I get a sewing machine for mine! Not that I'm complaining!!!!!)
At this moment 'are you crazy' was such and understatement!!!

I've gone super crazy!!! Cutting cutting cutting and cutting more!
Paper, cloth, newspaper......
Whatever I can find. I've tried drafting my slopers in any which way I could lay my eyes and hands upon. I joined a local sewing class and learned from the local tailor. Ya, she did teach me the basics, but that was not enough. It did not satisfy my hunger enough.

Now that I've learnt a little, I can now see clothes in a different light altogether. I've started noticing things like plackets, necklines, fitting, styles, collars ( believe me I was on the seventh sky when after nth times sewing and ripping out a simple collar, I got it right!!)

I've come to notice that my tailor was making me wear actually shitty (Sorry, but that's what some of them were) clothes. The fit was BAD.

Not that I'm doing a great job, but atleast I know!

I design, make a pattern, cut and sew only to know WHAT A BLUNDER.....MAN!!!

Wanna see some things I've made....

Linen top with crochet button placket and linen pants.

Georgette top with crochet neckline

Cotton eyelet lace top with linen panel skirt.

Cotton top with yoke.

Cotton kurta and salwar.

Round neck yoke top

Cotton patiala salwar suit for me

I'm now perpetually tired, sleepy, achy and IN A HAPPY STATE OF MIND!
If you know what I mean?

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Jane McLellan said...

Well done! I love your enthusiasm, and the clothes you've made.

Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely clothes well done, you make a great model.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

It's good to see a post from you again! The sewing bug hits me every once in a while, but as soon as I hit a snag I lose interest. I look forward to seeing what else you create!

Vinnie said...

Thank you soooo much! Nice to hear back from old friends. I'm definitely going to keep coming back here....., ( who wouldn't love to have those awesome words of appreciation! Such a mood booster!)
Thanks again.

muskaan said...

Awesome designing, sewing, and modelling :-)

I've been visiting your blog sporadically, in the hopes that you will start blogging again .... your tatting is very creative and inspiring.
I recently made your Spring doily (not posted yet) , and Iris Niebach's TIAS Doily - the latter only because I could see your lovely versions. Your posts were very helpful :-)

Eager to see whatever your talents throw up :-)
Thanks for sharing


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