Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lots of WIPs

Trying out new things all at once!
So many things to make !
Sometimes the thread ends or the ball is lost(my son plays with them a lot!),or just get tired of doing the same stuff or maybe a new inspiration comes around!
Whatever the reason,lots happening in my tatting world,
but nothing is complete as yet.
The last new thing I learned was the Single shuttle split ring.
The video demo by AnneB on e-tatters made it look so easy and I could do it in one go.
Then I realized that if you pull the core thread tight the ring becomes a D.
So I made a handkerchief edging with it,all in one go and with one shuttle!
I can't imagine to be the first one to do this.
If anyone finds any mention of something similar
or a pattern based on it please do tell me about it.
Had also tried the knotted tatting in Priscilla Tatting Book,
it really is cumbersome but looks good.
All I've made with it now is the white motif,
I might make it into a small doily(someday!!!)

1 comment:

TattingChic said...

Nice WIP's. Looks like you've been busy. Oh, thanks to the link to Anne B's video on eTatters I ran over and marked it as a favorite. :)


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