Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Flowers and coaster

I've been a little busy trying out this new edging .
1st of all its so delicate(size 8), now that I've got used to tatting with nice and thick size20,
moreover I'd been stuck at the corner for some while!
I must have done and redone it some three or four times.
Ultimately I could only think of the mirror image option.
My MIL has already booked the edging to be put on the neckline of her new suit!
I'll submit this as Motif No:14 for the 25Motif challenge.
I've made this coaster with a braided kind of thread that I bought the other day.
The size and feel of this thread is diametrically opposite to what I was using yesterday!
It was difficult to put in my little Pony shuttles,
so I had to wind it on a big hair clip of mine!
even then it was really difficult .
I could only manage to make one coaster for now.
I'm definitely going to get a bigger shuttle for this thread.
Motif No:15 for 25Motif challenge.

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