Thursday, September 17, 2009

B for.......

Long time no post again,
I'd been meaning to post for so long,
but everytime I'd sit down on the computer,
would end up doing something else!
At last a digest update on what I've been upto.....
My hubby's B'day was on 4th Sep
What a pity you can't really make many crafty things for men!
I know there are things but
somehow Vikas is a very leather & no frills kind of person.
What could i gift him?
What better way to a man's heart?
(I rarely enter the kitchen let alone cook!)
BAKED, in fact.
Vegetable pasta with lots of cheese.
 though I'd made it for the 2nd time only,
everybody ate it
and liked it too!
A B'day just couldn't do without a cake
Vanilla cake topped with gooyeee
chocolate syrup topping.
My elder sister's B'day was on 9th Sep.
I wanted to make something exquisite and special for her.
She's always complaining
 that everything I make goes to everybody else but her.
Lovingly made for my sis....
The body of the purse is done with
Tunisian crochet in wool,
Handles are bead crochet ropes
 with peyote loops at the end to go into the
fabric loops.
The flowers are done in peyote stitch,
leaves in brick stitch,
lined with red velvet, hand sewn,
with a zipper at the top.
Gosh, this was heavy on my hands.
I hope she liked it.
I've lately been exploring the world of beads
and the art of beading
This was my 1st try at even count peyote stitch.
I'm falling in love with bead crochet ropes and the
lovely things it makes.
I'd had these lovely blue beads for some time
and couldn't really figure out anything for them
Here's the open lock that I made for the bracelet.
The loop is of course a simple string of beads,
the toggle is made up of another small piece of
crocheted tube and attached to the bracelet
 with a loop of stringed beads.
The cool blue bracelet now gone to my dear mummy.
Done in fiery red and gold beads
 another crochet tube
 joined at the ends to make a slip-on bangle.
The red and gold bangle in my hand between gold bangles.
Little bags made with
for what else,
Was brousing the net one day
 and found this amazing site on
Had to try it out!
The grey bag done by making the stitch
in the back loop .
The black.... were supposed to be triangles
but ended up looking like ducks!
I found the button in an old discarded sewing box.
It must have been lying there for ages.
Here's another try....
The heart is a little misshaped
because it was difficult making out where to change threads
The top part hearts came out better.
It was all scrap wool but didn't really want to discard
 the piece so made it into a little bag with a handle.
Can you guess what I've used for the button?
It's a part of an old sewing machine...
can you see the +/- markings on it....
I don't know what it's called
 but it's for adjusting thread tension or something!
Looks pretty as a button though!
Tapestry crochet makes a thick, firm and a dense fabric,
The feel is so different than normal crochet lace.
It has a nice secure feel to it.
Definitely my mobile feels very secure in it
and is it's current attire.
6. Bad news
Our dog Rocky left us last week.
He had been a part of the family for last seventeen years.
I'm yet to see such a friendly,
loving, understanding dog.
We are all going to miss him so much.
May his soul rest in peace.
I'm not going to leave you on a sad note...
Take a look at what I found today,
Vaas's knitted dolls.
I can't even remember when I made them.
They used to be strung on an elastic thread
with big beads and bells in between,
which was tied on his pram.
but not the least,
here's a peek into what I'm tatting....
Don't know what it's going to be as yet....
any guesses?
until next time,
(P.S Don't forget to leave comments!)


Sally Kerson said...

What a long post, but very interesting. The birthday food for your husband looked delicious, especially the cake. The bead jewelery was fantastic, I adore beads, the more the merrier! And the crochet purses so cute and the dark colours you used make them look very sophisticated.
"I rarely enter the kitchen let alone cook"! Is that a joke or for real? If it isn't a joke you sure are lucky!!!

AlessandraLace said...

compliments for your blog and your work. I am sad for your dog (I love dogs!) hugs

Fox said...

I am so sorry about Rocky.... As an inveterate and sentimental pet owner I do know how difficult a time this is. I'm thinking about you....

But, I see you have been busy, and BAKING! Looks amazing!

Do you also cobble? (As in cobbler!) Or, how about welding? Can you do that too!

You are a wonder! Love the white tatted beginnings..... Fox : ))

Adriana said...

Tus trabajos son preciosos!!! Besos!!! Nos mantenemos en contacto. Te paso mi blog:

TattingChic said...

Wow! You've been buuuuuuuuusy! Look at all that. Your beadwork is lovely! Love the tatting, too!

~TattingChic ♥

AlessandraLace said...

hallo, I am here to tell that on my blog there is a Migrant Tombola.if you want come and read the rules.hugs


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