Monday, August 31, 2009


I'm back earlier this time!
And I've found something new to do.
I'm beading!!!!
Bead crocheting, in fact.
I wanted to add some beads to my crochet,
browsed the net
and found some neat tutorials,
added beads to my thread,
and off I was into bead land!!!!
My 1st try was with 20 size thread
and little bigger beads.
Crochetted with a single chain crochet stich.
This is what I came up with...
Looks like a mulberry, doesn't it?
Added a big red bead at one end
and a bead top at the other.
The tops are also the 1st bead ones I've made.
This is how they look without the mulberrys..
Here are the the two finished tops side by side.
They now adorn the ears of my niece Khyati.
 my work was looking like mulberrys
 and not like ropes.
The thread shows through,
The beads are loose
and I didn't know what was wrong!
found out that to make ropes we use the
slip stich!
Here's a try with that....
Not bad!!!
Now to decide what next to make
with this form of art.
In the meantime,
I've finished the
 pineapple crochet doily.
It had started to look a little crowded
so added the fringe
providing a little contrasting
 'negative space'
It didn't ditch me and did not ruffle!!!!
The tunisian crochet blanket
 for my son
has run into a little problem.
Something went wrong with the corners!
I was getting a very square outcome,
 as the difference of squares in the horizontal
and the vertical axis is of just 2 squares!
I added another row
at the lower and upper edge,
this is what is happenning to the corners!
Got to figure out a way to get over this!!!
If I'm going to start something
in beaded crochet,
I've got to have a lot of thread!
what do I do if the thread looks like this?
Got to get it untangled and to wind it over something!
This is what I came up with to solve this problem!
I had some old medicines lying around.
The plastic is quite thick and doesn't give way easily.
Remove the medicine part
Smooth out the edges,
shape it into something
you can wind your thread on
And wind your thread on it!
Do you notice the two slanting cuts at the two broad ends?
The thread ends can be tucked in to prevent unwinding.
specially for plastic threads,
like the one I'm going to work with!
That's a tutorial???!!!!
My 1st again!
Sorry, no tatting this time,
it doesn't mean
of a tatting blog!
no tatting as of now!
So, until next time,
Do keep those beautiful comments coming.


Fox said...

Such creative little bunny are you!!!! Your beading is great!
Fox : ))

Anonymous said...

If you have some variegated Lisbeth on hand, you could make a crocheted cord like this one:

I have been sorely tempted, but I do not particularly enjoy bead crochet. Managing lots of beads on the cord or thread makes me cranky.

Nivedita said...

Your work is wonderfull, both tatting and crochet. Have been admiring your crocheted bags. Was wondering what yarn you used to make them. I too would like to make some crocheted totes but don't know which thread would be suitable, so was look for some suggestions.

Nivedita in Calcutta, India

Vinnie said...

I Love your comments,Fox!Thank you.
Hello, Suzanne,
That is one pretty wonderful site you have directed me to!
I too read about clear beads and the thread showing through making an interesting combination in beading.
But, I don't have any variegated thread or clear beads.
I'm enjoying bead crochet but it is a litle painful on the hands.
but it's definitely easier to manage thread with beads on a spool of thread or a thread winder to prevent it from unwinding.
It's definitely difficult to manage beads on a shuttle though!

Dear Nivedita,
Thanks for appreciating my work.
I usually go on to make my bags with whatever thread is available with me at the time I have an idea!
It could be wool, of which I have lots of scraps, or my tatting size 20 thread(which gives such nice clean effect and is very durable too), or gope....I don't know what you call it in english...
its actully used to make tassels for curtains!
The orange fuzzy bag was done in a furry wool from vardhman knitting yarn shop. The lady had little left of it and so wanted to get rid of it!
So, good luck,
crochet on with any thread you like or have!!!

Thank You!

Viv said...

I love your work. My crochet ability is VERY limited. I've learned how to read a pattern :( and I learn better by being shown what I'm doing wrong :) I desperatly want to learn how to do the Tunisian crochet. I have a gorgeous humingbird pillow that needs it but I can't manage quite yet....but I will :)
Love your blog

Subhash said...

Dear Vinne,

I am recalling the days and thinking about you. I had remained associated with you for a short period ,but you are such a creative person, I failed to assess at that time.

Looking your presentation ,I find you are a gifted person,with hidden talent . You can do the best for all .

Wishing you the best.

with love

your everlasting teacher


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