Sunday, October 25, 2009

First magic loop socks

Now that I've learnt the Magic loop method ,
naturally I wanted to knit up some socks.
Here's my first one.
The pattern is from
Custom fit toe up socks.

The pattern notes are for two socks at once,
but I knit them one at a time.
Also, the cast on is done with a turkish cast on instead of what described in the pattern.

Cause I'm getting a little crazy over knit lace patterns,
I've tried putting in one in the centre of the sock,

Nothing very great though!

These are the two finished socks up my feet..

Showing off the heels.
My Hubby's Grandmom and Grandpa are visiting us
 and I gifted Biji these socks.

Up her feet.

And thats a Happy Biji!


Pearlin J said...

No wonder Biji is soo happy! The socks are so pretty!Wish I could knit like that!

battatter said...

Well, I LOVE the socks! I have just started learning to knit, about 4 months now, and I want to do socks sooo much, but I am afraid to start! I even bought a sock book with gorgeous socks in it. Have you been to GREAT place for patterns and ideas and groups!
I also love the butterfly bag. So cute!!


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