Sunday, October 11, 2009


Ever since I joined Ravelry
I've got hooked on to knitting
and wanted to make something in knitted lace.
I've had this pattern faved since long.
The pattern can be found on Ravelry
I've made this shawl in 4 ply fingering weight pure wool.

I've never done this kind of a pattern
 and didn't know I would end up
 having more than 250 stitches on my needles!
How can such a mess of wool
ever look like a shawl,
let alone lace.
When i couldn't handle it any longer
on the normal length needles I bound off
This is what I got...

It's soooo pretty!!!
But instead of a shawl it's just scarf size.
Added a crochet rose on one end
and leaves on a long crochet double chain
for a tie.
Knitted up pretty fast though,
I'd cast on on Monday and bound off on Saturday.

Details of the "Nightsong"

Around my shoulders

Wrapped as a head scarf.
Love it!

1 comment:

Barbara Gordon said...

I love the shawl and the color is beautiful! You did a good job and I like the boys blue mitts to or what ever you call them. I'm getting back to knitting again to and socks are on my list. I also have the magic loop, but haven't started working on them yet.


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