Sunday, January 24, 2010


I decided upon the mobile for my car.
It's the RED & BLACK motif
done with red and gold beads
finished up with some decoupage glue.

The glue has given it a nice stiffness and shine.
(it's the 1st time I've tried it on my tatting)
There has been so much fog
for the past 10 days or so,
 we've hardly had any sunshine through-out the day.
Yesterday it opened up
and the sunshine through the mobile looked beautiful.




Fox said...

That is the BEST! I LOVE it! Well done, Vinnie!

I have a small and very dark motif (that fell out of my bag and I kept it in the car and glued it) pasted on the plastic that attaches the rear view mirror.

Its presence was unplanned and is hardly visible. I see I must now make other arrangements for my 14 year-old, totally salt-rusted VW Golf!

Maybe this plan will breathe new life into the old girl!

♥ Grateful for the Idea, Fox : )

Vinnie said...

Thank You Fox for this very appreciative comment, would love to see what you make.
I have the pattern for this written up and would want to post it soon.
Thanks again.

Patrycja said...

It's lovely motif !!

Shay said...

Pretty! and congratulations on the new car :-)

Fox said...

Hey, Vinnie!
Car Update
I think of you every time I get in my car! I took out the funny bits of tatting that I couldn't even see.... replaced them with a remnant of a green beaded motif that has a mistake in it so I it was not used, but was too pretty to throw out.I consider it "interim art"! When I have time... LOL!

Thanks for the motivation!
Fox : )

Ribbon Clown said...


Love your works!! I stumbled on your site from the other RE site. Nice to meet you.

BTW, I linked your blog :)


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