Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Thank You all so much
 for such lovely comments on my last post...
It was very encouraging.
You could see me smiling from ear to ear!
I've never had so many comments on any posts
since I started this blog about year and a half ago!
I'm very very flattered indeed.

And now for some pics of what I've been upto in the last week......

Taking a small break from the hectic tatting
got this
Anklet made
in crochet,

Blue seed beads with Anchor 20 cotton.


And then
back to tatting,
A little edging
I thought up of while fiddling with my shuttles


Still not thought of what I'm going to do with it....


a tatted bracelet.
Light blue transparent seed beads on white thread,
Rolled on wire with beads for the toggle type lock.


Thanks for coming by and having a look....



Patrycja said...

Beautiful !!!

Miranda said...

That edging is very pretty. Isn't it nice when you can come up with something that works so well when you're just doodling?

Tatskool said...

Thank you! You have become another inspiration.

TypsTatting said...

Absolutely love the edging it is so pretty.

Paula C. said...

What lovely projects you have been busy making! I love the crochet anklet and would love to know if it is a pattern that can be shared. Thank you =)

Carrie L. said...

Greetings Vinnie! Absolutely beautiful stuff you have here! I will definitely be back here again and again!


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