Saturday, April 3, 2010

Black and white

I've was wearing black and white today
an so wanted to do something in those colors
Here's the bracelet I made today...

White Cotton size 20 Anchor
Black shiny beads,
The Lock made with wire


This is the first time I've tried to do some wire twisting stuff.
I always wondered what to put on my bracelets for locks,
The one's we get here are just not pretty enough,
or look so bulky with the delicate tatting!
It was a little rough and hard on my fingers,
It's not bad for a first attempt!



In the meantime,
here's what I got in the mail....

has made the Spring Doily-2
You can read more about it on her blog here.

Spring Doily-2
Done by Tatskool
in Floretta.
Read more about it here on her blog.
 She's even sent this numbered diagramme of the pattern.
That's awesome.This does make the pattern easier to follow.
I'd never thought about it.


Thank to both of you for tatting my pattern.
They have turned out so lovely.
Your suggestions have been so nice.
I'll try to make ammends in the pattern ASAP.

Thanks for the comments on the
Dark Woods Doily.
It was 10th of march when I started to design and tat it.
The center light brown is done in one pass using lots of split rings.
The inner dark brown part also done in one pass using Lots of split rings again.
God only knows how many times I joined the wrong ring to the wrong ring, and had to retro-tat!
My hands were hurting in and out!
So decided to do the outer rounds in simple ring and chain style, still keeping the pattern similar.
I had been tatting so frantically in the past two weeks,
now I'm at a total mind block as to what to tat!
Any suggestions?


Fox said...

Love the bracelet and the clasp is perfect. Never have I seen one like that.

I am still struggling along trying to perfect your pattern.. I am still having quite a time with it; this last time I missed a step and so the pattern will be different as I have decided to do the mistake through out and see how it looks! I just could not bear to throw it away AGAIN!

Hope you don't mind the liberty I have taken. I'll post it soon if it works out. Right... we'll see.... grumble...grumble....
Fox : )

Ridgetatter said...

Lovely bracelet. I have not tried tatting with wire as yet; but sounds intriguing and challenging.
Thank you for being a follower on Ridgetatter.

BJ aka Ridgewoman (locally ~ LOL because, of course, I live on the highest ridge above my good friend Donna. She christened me 'ridgewoman'….

AlessandraLace said...

I come to say you hallo. your creations are lovely I really like them. hugs

tattoosdesigns said...

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