Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tired of being away....

I've decided I'm going to come back to my blog.

So, here I am,
Ever so confused how to,
 or may be what to write about.

Life's good.

Fired soul necklace

I'm enjoying my beading more than ever.....

Night Sky Necklace and bracelet

Black and white Necklace

Got sort of addicted to audiobooks....
Currently can't keep off
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series!

Night sky earrings

Falling in love with the color blue.....

Friendship bracelet

Learned how to make friendship bracelets,

Stars and kitties swirl wire anklet

Can't keep off my crochet hook....

Terra-I Necklace

And  love what I do.....

Serenity Bead crochet choker

And do what I love.

Could I ask more out of life?


Happy Bluebird said...

Welcome back :) Your beaded jewelry is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

welcome back

Looks really nice - I like your bead work!

As per your Post Title... I too, have been tired of being away, but felt lost in the sea of blogging...

yes, life is good.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

It's so good to read a post from you again! Your beading is beautiful! I have books about it, but I've never tried it. I'm afraid it might interfere with the gazillion other projects I have going. ; )

Jane Eborall said...

What a silly question - 'could I ask more from life'. Of course you can and you deserve it. May I suggest the more you could ask for? BEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Margarets designer cards said...

Nice to see you back, beautiful jewellery.

Vinnie said...

Hi, Thank you all for welcoming me back and leaving comments.
Jane, I know, what a silly thing to say,I wouldn't ever stop asking for more from life, there's still so much to learn, so much to do.....
but, somehow satisfaction is a nice feel too. I'm enjoying every minute of it.



Karrieann said...


Fox said...

Well, well well! Look at you! These pieces are AMAZING! They must be a reflection of your recent ever-expanding approaches toward good living.: )

Good to "see" you!

Roberta Granada said...

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