Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bead crochet and Macrame

Bead crochet has become an integral part of my works lately.
I'd been doing it so much that I'm now unable to do it anymore!
I've hurt my thumb joints so much that I've had to take physiotherapy for it.
It hurts everytime that I hold a crochet hook.

 It's been some time now that I'm unable to do it,
 so I've now taught our drivers wife how to do it
 and she's doing it soooo well!

 But on the bright side, I get time to design more stuff now.

I've been designing some bead crochet lariats, necklaces and bracelets.
I'll show them here when ever I've taken pics.
There's still so much to do!
My Valentine line is just no where to finishing
and I think that if I go by this pace I'll be able list them only after Valentines Day.

Can't crochet much, or having transferred my crochet responsibilities elsewhere,
 I'm also now free much more to experiment with other things.

I've been trying my hand at macrame and am coming to get the hang of it
I'm getting better with my knots,

Remember the photos of my last macrame post,
 I'd started the black and red and white bracelet, I finished that too.
 Does it look Valentine'y?



I'm so inspired by
 "Oh So Beautiful" work,
such perfect knots!

 I forever wanted to do these bracelet and earrings.
 It's a pretty simple xo type of pattern
 but I love the colors, so watery....
I lost one of the earrings and I had to make one again,
 and I could make it much faster this time.

Also I so love the leafy necklaces
 that Jeanne Wertman makes
 and I so so wanted to learn to make those pretty leaves.

 After a lot of unsuccessful attempts
 (which you can see at the top of the photo)
 I ultimately found her leaf instructions on
Thank You so much Jeanne!

 And now I Can Make Leaves!!!!!


I have to have to make a leafy bracelet now.....

And Tyson says he'll help me make them.........


Corina said...

Wow lovely macrame!

Vinnie said...

Thank You Corina!

Prabhdeep said...

Hi Vinnie-

Longtime to exchange 'hellos'! I hope you are doing well.. one more of your hidden talent...

I don't know where you get all this time... I love your Macrame.. very creative idea... I would love learn Macrame as well... May be you can suggest how I can learn...


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