Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Delhi's turning wintery by the day
my hair is getting shorter by the day!


Long time no see......

Every time I pledge to keep coming back,

I don't.

so, this time,

I don't know when I'll be back.

Therefore, lets make the best of this time.

Let me show you some things I've made lately...... 

Crystal Flower Earrings

I've got new shops now on-line

and at

Dark Flower Necklace

A unique combination of tatting, crochet and beads. The pendant is a large teardrop shaped
multicolor crystal set in a fringe of tatting with beads. The Cord is bead crochet in
burnt gold and black seed beads.

 And I had  year ending sales at both the sites....
Well, it's on now too...

Moonlit night earrings

Labradorite stones set in dark multicolored beads with little midnight blue smallest of
seed beads.
The stones have a delicate bluish moonlight shimmer.

I'm planning to list out new things sometime later in this month.

Tiger Eyes Earrings

Tiger Eye stones encased in beads with tiger eye dangles.

I've got so much to show and so much to tell!
No Time!!!

Purple Sun Brooch

Amethyst stone cabbed with purple beads and embellished with crystals on a backing of leather.....

 But I got to show you this....

I made these pretty snowflakes before christmas

They are embellished with little silver beads, they just don't show in the photos :(

See, I have not forgotten how to tat!!!

See U soon,




Fox said...

Happy New year, Vinnie!
I hope that you have much health and happiness in the coming year.

Your new endeavours are outstanding!
Fox : )

Ninu said...

Happy New year! your jewelerry is awesome.. I loved the last two..saw your shop on shopo. Good luck with that..


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