Friday, April 10, 2009


Long time no posting.
It's not that I'm out or anything,
just not getting enough time!
I've been busy at the Hospital and have got a little
tenosynovitis of the thumb joint of my left hand
(and I'm left handed)
But not that I'm not tatting!
I've got a lot of WIP's at present.

I'm continuing with the Iris TIAS.....
and this is as far as I've got.....

Then I have the Design-tat group which is keeping me glued to my computer,
playing around with the drawing programmes.
I'm still very raw and end up with ghastly looking designs

but I'm trying......
Well ,let me show off a pattern that I made ...

Just a simple motif using small five ring flowers.
Then I added a little difficulty as I wanted to make it in one go
So, I inserted split rings.
The worst part was the stitch count part,
but I did manage it somehow.
Here's the pattern in variegated purple thread

Doesn't the negative image look interesting? That's here just for fun!
I have made the pattern diagram and posted it on e-snips.

You can find the link under My Patterns on the side bar.

Do take a look and tell me how I've done.

I think it looks a little crowded but this is the best I could do,

Maybe I'll get better with time!

here's another motif I've made,
It started out as a doodle on my desk
and ended up into this


A simple ring and chain motif.
Let's make the two new motifs No. 23 &24
for 25 Motif Challenge.

After all they have come up from my own little grey matter!


Happy easter!!!!


Thelma said...

I love them Vinnie,,you are so talented. I'm still struggling trying to design my first piece. I've gotten a lead going on it though, maybe it will work out. I love the green one the best.Both colors are very pretty though,,just something about that green just pops. I've got to get me some varigated threads. Those make a motif just sparkle.

TattingChic said...

Vinnie all your designs are so lovely! Love what you did with Iris Niebach's TIAS! It's gorgeous. Love the whimsical daisy floral pattern you've made with the split rings and the triangular motif is gorgeous! Nice work!

Happy Easter! :)

Shay said...

This is a very creative use of split rings, the motifs seem to just flow from one to the other!

Vinnie said...

Wow, You all have made my day.
I love the comments. Everyday I open my eyes in front of my computer screen(and my husband thinks I'm mad!) looking for comments(I really crave for them) and to have such nice's a real Good Morning.
Thelma, the green photo is not a different thread, it's just a negative image of the work in purple thread!
Tatting chic, thanks for leaving comments on almost every post of mine, it's so encouraging. your blog is so much fun to read and see!
I'm going to go on with the Iris TIAS till I'm really tired of it.....and that may not be happenning soon!
And Shay, Thank You too.

Needledreams said...

Everything looks gorgeous! I specially like the triangle. Wondering how will it look with several of them joined together.


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