Friday, April 17, 2009

Tired and sleepless and a new blog..........

How do you like my new blog layout?
I'd been trying to do something and lost all the bloggy thingies I had on this blog.
My son loves Maukie the cat and the game panel is also for him,
he loves to play Bloons on it, so had to get these back.
Do you see the back ground......
I made it with the drawing programme
I'm always playing around with these days.
I was up almost all night yesterday putting back those thingies!!
Not put back the interesting links as yet as it was a long list!
I have some saved in the favorites folder...
but this is going to be another big task.
Then, just when I was too tired to go on anymore
and got up to go to bed ,
I had an emergency call to attend,
had to do a CS
and that took up the rest of the night.
Had another emergency section today morning,
so didn't sleep at all!
My thumb did not not get any rest either, and the pain has increased...
Maybe the trauma from the surgical instruments or maybe the tatting?
Whatever the reason,
it was troubling me a lot and
I had to get a little physiotherapy done today.
No tatting ......
Moreover my hubby has gone to Chennai for a three day trip and will be back on Saturday night
and I'm missing him,
More sleeplessness
More time on the computer!!!!(LOL)

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