Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh my GOD!!!! I've been Tagged!!!

I've been so out of touch!

I saw only today that I've been tagged by Carol of Carol's little treasures.

Thank you Carol.

This is the very first time I've been tagged.


The rules are:

1. go to your documents/pictures.

2. go to your 5th file.

3. go to your 5th picture.

4. blog about it.

5. tag 5 people …...

So here it goes.......

This is the 5th picture in the fifth folder of My pictures folder.

It was taken on 16th of Feb 2007 and you can see my son Vaasu here sitting on his cot.

The pretty baby cot was gifted to him by my elder sister on his first birthday.

It was really pretty with a nice pastel green and lots of lace in white.

I'd decorated it with all of Vaasu's toys and a general theme of Vinnie the Pooh.

The picture is special as he's wearing Vinnie the Pooh's dress too!

My Brother-in-law had come over from Holland, where he's settled, for a vacation and brought him this dress.

And lastly to tell you the most amazing thing about Vaasu,

he never slept in this cot- every time I tried to make him sleep in it, eventually he would end up besides me on my bed and cuddle up in my arms!

Now to tag five more people........

1. Krystle of Krystledawn tats

2. Fox of Tat-ology

3. Allison Henze of Allison's tatting blog

4. Felicia of Big world of tatting

5. Dany of I Miei Hobby


Vinnie said...

Hi, just checking why i'm not getting any comments?

Vinnie said...

Thanks Tatting chic and Fox for telling me about it , I was wondering.....No comments?????
Boooo Hoooo....
Now I've corrected my settings.
Looking forward to your very dearly treasured comments.


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