Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I've been gone so long it feels like ages!!!
I'm going to tell you about all that I've done in these past days!

It's going to take time , space, energy
lots of patience....
Vaasu's toys and stuff were lying
all around the house
so tried to make something
to gather his stuff at one place.
Found an empty carton and turned it into

Covered it with the scrap cloth pieces I had lying around,

glued with home-made glue that my MIL made with flour.

Now Vaasu can keep all his little toys in it!

No more littered around toys

(and slipping on them!)

The Curtain Project
I'd been wanting to make curtains
for the Window in the dining room.
My MIL had a Dupatta without a suit!
(the suit died it's natural death of wear and tear
but the dupatta was as good as new!)
Cut it up and made curtains out of it,
and attached Silk thread tassels at the edge.
You remember I had started
a table cloth with cross-stitch motifs.....
Finished that.
Couldn't even wait to get it pressed.....
Sorry for the crumpled look!


That finishes up this corner,

At Last!


I'd been wanting to make a Crochet bag for a long time now

And what better than to start with a little


It's pretty easy to make and

THIS Video on You-tube by Elaine

helped a lot.

It's in Spanish(?)

and in 6 parts but explained pretty well!

The most difficult part was covering the rings with the thread,

my fingers hurt the whole day after!

Not lined yet,

but I hope I'll do it soon.


Just doodling with my shuttles and came up with this motif

Extended it
and put it on satin ribbons.
Oh those Daisy picot flowers were a pain to make!
But they look so sweet!

Tied a red ribbon at one end....


what do we have??


I didn't know what to make it into....



hang on the door


Hang in the car!!!!

This has found it's place in my sister's car!


Little tatted flowers.....

what do you do with them?

Spice them up a little and ...

put them on hair clips!


Add a Crochet base and beads
and make them into
Tomorrow is
And I have my own supply of handmade

And because it's festival time again

can HENNA be behind?

(one hand, the dark one, done by me!)


You came this far with me?
are you still reading on?
Now That I've showed off the stuff I've made,
(I know I'm a big show-off)
you know what I've been up to these days.
It's like I'm running a FACTORY of some sort!
(and I'm the only worker in it!)
I'm constantly tired and feeling worn out,
I'm totally addicted!!!
Do you think I need a shrink?
I still have so much to do!!!!
See ya soon with the next batch news!
In the meantime
leave some comments for me .....


Nima said...

Vinnie...you are really a talented girl....I think i should comment about each of your works....everything looks fabulous.

Vaasu's toy box looks perfect....nice way to recyle a cardboard box.

Curtain out of dupatta looks pretty....i like the way you finished it.

wow...the cross stitched table cloth looks awesome....what count is the fabric...the edging also looks nice.

the tatted flowers are so cute and pretty...i just love the bookmark(no the car hanging) and the rakhis...

Oh....i really envy you for your crochet bag....very beautiful...worth all the effort to cover the hand...

Fox said...

You are certainly a multi-talented and busy individual! What a fun post! I particularly like that cross stitched cloth.... very pretty. : ) Fox

TatForFun said...

woow...you've been busy in a very good way. I can't even remember all the order of your work. But I can remember that it's very very pretty!

Your house must be filled with those pretty projects...so lucky ^_^

Krystle said...

so what wre "raakhis"? they look like bracelets or hairbands to me...

And I just love your henna! Looks a bit like tatted lace :-)


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