Monday, August 24, 2009

Long time no see....

Hello friends!!
Where have I been?
What have I been doing?
Why have I not  posted for so long?
The only thing I know that I've been meaning
 to post for a while and just could'nt find enough
Well, we had another addition to our family....
My cousin sis had her 1st baby yesterday
and I have to show you the beautiful baby!!!
It's a baby boy!
Now going to what I've been making....
in fact producing in my
so called
Lot's of crochet and little tatting...
(thats another reason I was not posting,you know)
My tatting blog is becoming a crochet blog!!!
That's the purse inside.
Lined and ready.
I'd made a little purse to go along with it.
My mother -in-law confiscated the purse with it's little one
 as soon as I went to the bathroom!!!!
I'm so into crochet at the moment that I wanted to learn something new!
So, I tried out
Tunisian crochet
and while browsing for techniques I found
How could I resist,
I'm now into making this afghan for Vaasu.
Boy, it's gonna take ages!!!!
and lots and lots of yarn!!!!
Vaasu's already started to tuck his feet inside.
I hope he likes it!
One of my Patients delivered some days back
and I gifted the baby these booties.
So easy to make,
so small
so pretty!!!
(I wanna have another baby!!)
How can You crochet and not make doilies???
And pineapples.....
It's still growing...
 "I'm loving it"
It's lying flat till now
but I know it's going to ditch me and start ruffling!
Hoping for the better!!!
Too much of crochet- ain't it?
Let's talk about something else.
Little practice with cables lead you to
make little bags!
(Another cozy for my cell!!)
How can we go on ranting about everything else and not talk about
This is a tatting blog after all!!!
Twisty flower wines
(Like twisty garlic bread....What am I doing!!!
am I hungry?)
This is somewhat a continuation of the previous bookmark I'd posted in the last post but with more colours and an element of encapsulation and a Twist!
I've written down the pattern but its on paper
(and it takes time to get converted to ....
You know what!...I'm not getting the word!)
That should be all for now.
I hope to get back sooner this time!
Luv you all 
and please leave me some comments.


nima said...

It was nice to read your posting...and your crochet bag and purse looks very pretty...

Anasuya said...

Hi have been following your blog for sometime. the bag and purse are very attractive- no wonder your M-I-L has taken it
what is the thread you've used for them
you have made me tat again after many years
thank you for the inspiration
ansu chennai

Vanessa. said...

Gorgeous baby Vinnie! And the next best picture that I like is the flowery bookmark. It's really pretty.

Fox said...

Congratulations to your family on the birth of that beautiful little boy!

Good grief woman! Where on earth do you get the time to do all this and deliver babies as well!

Your crochet work is lovely.

Best of all I like tatted flower vine - very pretty! Fox : )

Steph's (tat) Stuff said...

What a beautiful baby! Love your crochet work. I've done that afghan, too. If you really like doing Tunisian/entrelac crochet, check out There are some fabulous patterns for sale on the site.

Nice to see you back posting again!


nice to see you again.
What a cute baby boy,thangs for sharing your family,God bless.
You are in love with crochet,its a good adiction.
one day i want to make a lovely tatting bookmark like you.
i hope you have a happy week


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