Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's here!

Tatting Day
Here is what I've been tatting for the past one month
as a special tribute to this day.

'The Dark Woods Doily'
(Done in Anchor size 20 cotton thread,
11x9.5 inches finished)
This is the second year I'm going to celebrate this
How I'm going to do it?
I'll be tatting of course,
eat chocolate,
(even though I'm supposed to be on a diet, and I'm so trying to be off them! )
wear some tatting on me,
and have some wine
( it wouldn't hurt to have just a little!)
(and even though it's not a compulsory on the day!)

I'm definitely looking forward to a
Tatting Day
Wish the same for You.


Krystle said...

that is a beautiful doily! Sorry I couldn't stick around in the online class the other day, but it was lovely of you to come share your pattern

Miranda said...

Happy Tatting Day! It hasn't arrived yet in my time zone, but I'm looking forward to it. That doily took a huge amount of patience. I like the color combination, too.

Arty Lady's blog said...

What a stunning Doily. And Happy Tatting Day to you too. Have a great day.

Bonnie said...


Happy International Tatting Day to you also.

Maureen said...

April 1st has dawned here too - the doily is wonderful, congratulations on keeping the surprise secret! Is it your own design?

Fox said...

Happy International Tatting Day!

You are so FAST! What a lovely piece.
Fox Aunty : ))

Paula C. said...

Beautiful doily! Happy International Tatting Day to you, too =)

Ninu said...

Happy Tatting Day!! the doily is really stunning..where does the pattern come from?

Needledreams said...

Love it!!!!

Happy Tatting Day!

Lelia said...

Oh my, how fantastic!!!! job well done : )

battatter said...

really lovely doily. I love the color combos!!
Have a great Tatting day..


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