Wednesday, January 7, 2009

#2-25 Motif Challenge

Completed the other motif.
It's a little doily with some celtic element.
Didn't have a pattern so did whatever I could think of.
But I think the stitch count fell into place.
I'm getting tired of this red and green thread;
next I'll get some new colors.
How I wish I could do HDTs.


Jane Eborall said...

That's looking lovely. I'm not a great lover of variagated threads but this is great. LOVE the design too.

TattingChic said...

Very nice! Awesome design!

yarnplayer said...

This is a beautiful design! I like the colors, too.

Tattycat said...

Your design is great! Maybe you will write out the pattern some time?

***Jon**** said...

You did very well not using any pattern for this. Make sure you write down what you have made and start a collection of your own designs and patterns.


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