Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cluny basket-#5 for 25 Motif challenge

Thank you for appreciating my efforts!

So, I'm trying to learn something new every day!

Today I tried the cluny.

Well, it's my first attempt and obviuosly it was not right.

But I went on and made it into a little bookmark.

It looks like a samll basket of flowers?

So be it.

#5 for 25 Motif Challenge.


'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

I don't know Vinnie,,,,I would say for your first it sure looks awfully good to me!!! WoW something new everyday,,,,you are truly brave!
Excellent tatting!

TattingChic said...

Nice work!!! That is much better than my first cluny ever looked!

Sewicked said...

Shhh, we don't talk about my first cluny (there's a reason Mimi had us make several to be the ribbon 'tail' of a tatted kite). I think your idea for this one to be a basket is wonderful. It looks great.


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