Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Indian Tatters

Not studying much!
Today I've started a new Group on the e-tatters
It is to know people closer around me who tat.
Please join this group so that I don't feel so lonely doing this
work all by myself and nobody to talk to about it!
(I do love all the attention and love that my
International friends have showered upon me- and I can't thank them enough!)


Gina said...

Good for you! You may have to teach to find other tatters close to you! I wanted to tell you that the fabrics in the last post are beautiful! Are those the sareehs(?) you were talking about? You'll have a wonderful time at the wedding!

Sharon said...

and Sapna
are fellow tatters in India. There ARE other tatters, just few and far between.

Manas said...

All of it looks very interesting. sorry/oops/dumb but never knew what tatting is and moreover there is a whole bunch of people who do it and blog it as well!!!
Great stuff... am sure it is addictive and halucinating! is it banned too?


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