Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So much to do......so little time!!!!!!!

I've been running around like a busy squirrel lately.
No time to sleep too!
Fell down the stairs fo the hospital on saturda morning
and got a big bruise on my bum.
Don't worry it's not hurting much but looks ghastly(not that anyone can seeit!).
My cousin is getting married on 28th,
and today is the Ladies Sangeet and the Mehndi function.
Two more sleepless nights!
The only consolation is that my dear hubby got me
the beautiful (read expensive;) ) sarees.
Even though there's a big hole in the pocket,
I'm so delighted -I can't wait to wear them!
got a new hair-cut too.
Next two weeks I've got to open my books,
got to freshen up my medical knowledge also sometimes!
I've got an important interview coming up.
So, not much time left for tatting..........
Will be back.....


Needledreams said...

They are GORGEOUS!!!! I would love to have a saree. May be some day I can travel and get one there. :-)

Hope you bum is better. Looks like you are going to dance a lot in yours cousin's wedding! lol

Good luck with your interview!

Valerie said...

hey the sarees are really very beautiful, vinnie. and your hubby's so generous. i once wore sarees at a cultural performance. love it although i didn't get used to walking around in it. hope you have a good time at your cousin's wedding.


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