Monday, March 2, 2009

Bookmark done!

Finished with the bookmark!
I had not done a bookmark as yet, this is my first.
That's my first good looking Josephine chain too!
And 'cause I hate to tackle with the ends, I tied them into a bow ;)
Motif No:19


Needledreams said...

That's a very pretty bookmark and your josephine chain is to die for! lol Making little bows instead of hiding ends is very original and add a touch of cuteness. I have done it before.

Carol Lawecki said...

Very Nice Bookmark Vinnie! I really like the color change in this with the pink diamond shape in the center of the square motif.

TattingChic said...

Oh, Pretty! I really like the colors. :)

yarnplayer said...

It's beautiful! The colors enhance the design, and I like the little bow!

Shay said...

Changing the colors changes the look of the motif, very creative and very well done. I love the idea...


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