Monday, March 16, 2009

Vaasu's annual Day And some shiny Buttons

Yesterday was Vaasu's 1st annual day at his Play school.

He participated in a group dance.....If you're happy and you know it...

Here is the little video.....

Vaasu is the fourth boy from Left.
Thats My FIL, my dad, my hubby, me ,my MIL & Vaasu
The Kids were enjoying themselves and so did we.

My mom couldn't come as she was at Mathura. She would've enjoyed it too much.

Dad bought Vaasu a nice book to read after the function.


I'd been too tired all of the rest of yesterday to do any tatting.

Today I was Trying out the Mignonette again and

got this idea of putting in the shiny beads into it.

Interesting buttons ,no?


Gina said...

Your son is so cute! What fun!

Shay said...

How sweet...he was did everything the teacher told him to!


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