Friday, March 13, 2009

A hot day

The mercury here is soaring and its getting hotter day by day.
I've started to get tanned even in the short drive to my work place!
After I parked my car and was crossing the street, waiting for the green light an old flower vendor who sells flowers at the crossing came up to me and offered me this rose bud.
It somehow made my day special. How little things make you feel great!
I tried the Mignonette tatting technique yesterday night.
I had thought it to be something very complicated but now that I've tried it I have got a little hang of it.
Now to decide what I can use it into.


yarnplayer said...

How nice of that flower vendor to offer you the rosebud! Little things like that really do mean a lot, and I find that I remember little kindnesses like that for years.

The Mignonette tatting looks like it could be the start of a snood (a hair covering for a "bun" hairdo).

Sewicked said...

Or a bag? OR as a 'spacer' between two rounds of dense tatting?

I love roses. It's so nice of that vendor to give that bud. Enough to put a smile on my face & I'm not the one who got it.

TattingChic said...

That rose is very sweet! I remember buying a bag from a vendor and I couldn't afford the matching keychain. The vendor was so sweet she gave it to me! The keychain is long gone, but the memory of her kindness toward me lingers on. :)

How nice that you are doing mignonette tatting. I think that bags made of that can be very pretty. :)

Steph's (tat) Stuff said...

Very pretty! I love the mignonette stitch. It's great for handkerchief edgings and small tatted bags. I've been looking at your other posts. Your work is absolutely beautiful. I just have to make the paisley pattern. It's so cute.

Ais said...

Hey really hice.... I came over from the 25motifchallenge page. YOur tatting is reallynice and I like the square that you designed.


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