Monday, March 16, 2009

Starry flower bead

Here's another one of my shiny beads covered
with a flowery starry mignonette tatting motif.
The beads were just lying around in my mom's house.
She'd bought them to put as decorations in her flower pots,
maybe some years back.
I never imagined I'd be covering them up with tatting!!
That would be my Motif no. 20 for 25 Motif Challenge.


TattingChic said...

I wonder how big the bead is and what size thread? I wonder what you could use to show a size comparison? Maybe show it in your hand or next to a common object like a clover brand plastic tatting shuttle, maybe?

Vinnie said...

The bead is around an inch in diameter and the thread is No.8 Pearl cotton. The other two are smaller and maybe half the size of the flower bead.

Cassandra Bayley said...

You meant this is an old bead right? Anyway, I love the way you did it and added some tattings on it.. I think that I found some great ideas on what I can do with my old flower pots.. Thanks!

Vintage Plastic Flower Beads


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