Friday, March 6, 2009

Done at last!

The Iris TIAS doily is done!
So many hours of tatting and retro tatting!
But it has come out so pretty that it is a reward in itself.
After finishing with this I went to my mom's place and we all
(My Two Mausis, their daughters, my sis her daughter my mom and me!)
sat down to make gujias for Holi.
It was so much fun.
Let me show you a snapshot of the whole messy affair

And these are the delicious Gujias that we made.


Iris Niebach said...

Ooh, this is really beautiful, thank you so much for having it finished,

sally said...

Lovely Vinita and the gujias look yum. lovely work. worth all the effort :)

Shay said...

I don't know which looks more scrumptious, your doily or the fritters ;-)

Needledreams said...

The doily looks like a desert after eating the guijas! lol It's so nice to see your family. All of you are so pretty.

TattingChic said...

Very nice! It looks beautiful! :)

***Jon**** said...

Wally said it all about the doily and the guijas, pretty delicious!

What fillings do you use for the guijas? They look like what we make here, and we call them curry puffs using potatoes with curried beef or chicken or sardines as fillings.

Vinnie said...

Thank you all.
Gujias are traditionally made on the festival of Holi and are sweet.
No non-veg stuff can be ever inside, the filling is made with lots of dry fruits, powdered sugar and khoya(highly condensed non sweetened whole milk),put into thin layers of flour patty and deep fried.
they are also offered to Lord Krishna on the day of holi.
They are delicious!and i'm eating one as I write!


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