Friday, March 6, 2009

Found a student!

Yesterday Khyati ( my niece) was watching me
tat and she asked me if I could teach her to do it too.
And she is now my first "shishya" (that's student in Sanskrit)
I taught her how to ds and she got the 'flip' pretty well.
I even gave her homework which she had dutifully done when I met her today.

Today I've taught her how to make picots and how to join rings and make chain.

Let's see what she's going to do with the homework today.

Another one initiated to the tatting world!

I'm myself so busy completing Iris's doily, it's turning out soooo... pretty!


Needledreams said...

Congrats on your new student!!! The rings looks very well done.

TattingChic said...

How awesome! Tell your niece congratulations! YOu must be so proud! I just taught someone at work how to join picots yesterday after they learned the DS, rings and picots! It looks like our students are at the same place!


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