Wednesday, March 31, 2010

At last!!!!

At last
has finished the
Spring Doily-2!
And it has turned out awesome!!!
Take a look at it

Thanks for all the effort Fox.
Love it!


Fox said...

Hey, Vinnie!

It was a challenge for me - I am YEARS behind you in in experience; alas, not in chronological age!

However, I am so pleased I stuck it out and finished, because I am very pleased with the result. I am going to do another, to make sure the new skills are solidly entrenched!

BTW, I live in Canada and though I would have loved to attend your tatting teaching event, the cost of transportation would have been prohibitive! However, I did appreciate the heads-up!

Many thanks for the terrific endorsement and link to-day! Lovely!

Fox : )

Vinnie said...

I should be Thanking You Fox!
I love your work and specially your sense of color, the colors you use are terrific and make any pattern look beautiful.

The Online teaching class is ONLINE, you don't have to go anywhere!
This was the first time I attended it!
I was so apprehensive, but I think the tatting community is so gracious, I felt so much at home.
And it was midnight for me, so I was virtually up all night, for the time in the US and Canada was somewhere noon!
I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and got to learn a lot too.
There's going to be a special meet on 1st April for Tatting Day.
Do try it out!
Here's the link

I'm talking about you so much or visit you so often that whenever I sit on the computer my son asks me 'You're talking to Fox Aunty?'


Fox said...

That is hilarious! Say "Hello, from Toronto," to your little boy from Fox Aunty!

Funny, as I was reading comments on another blog, I realized what OLC meant and immediately came here to tell you how goofy I feel sending you that long-winded, Toronto message - and here you are, already commenting!

No harm done! I don't ever mind looking a bit foolish (learn LOTS more that way)

I'll try and get to the next class!
♥♥ Fox : )


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