Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Doily

I promised that my next post is going to be tatting,
And this is what I came up with.....

And here's the pattern....
Wind Two shuttles-CTM
Ring  14-14
Ch20, vsp, 2nd stitch of ds, 2nd stitch of ds,
(this makes the chain turn)
continue to ch16, join to picot of ring

ch 10
Place marker thread on core thread
Place 2nd marker on core thread


join at 2nd marker place
(core thread to core thread)
(To create space between the stitches for the join pull on the marker thread a little, remove the marker thread and join. Insert hook in the space created,  pull up a loop of the core thread & pull the shuttle through the loop)
( I used a thread as a marker but definitely you can use a safety-pin or a paper-clip)
ch6-10, Join at 1st marker.
ch10-16, Join at vsp of 1st chain
Ring 14, join to picot on last chain, 14, close ring,
Repeat from * to *

In the subsequent repeats make a join at the the place for the 1st picot of 6-3-6 to the 2nd picot of the previous 6-3-6 ch.
And join the chain while coming up to the picots as in the picture below


The next ring is joined to the last picot on the ch 10-16


Make 10 repeats
 and in the last repeat join to the picots as you come up the work,
ch20, cut and tie at the top of the 1st ring, hide ends.

CTM- continuous thread method
vsp- Very small picot
ds- Double stitch
rw/RW- Reverse work
SLT- Shoe lace trick

I hope you like what I've made.
Do try it out.
I've written the pattern just off-hand and I know that it's bound to have some mistakes.....
feel free to point them out.
Now I'm really really late for work, I'll have to run!

Spring Doily pdf for download
Spring Doily
Spring Doily.pdf
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Nancy in Dallas said...

Oh, Thank you Vinnie! I can't wait to get started on this! You're a sweetheart for posting this.

Fox said...

Vinnie, this is beautiful! You must be practicing 'micro-tatting'! Your stitches are perfection!

Thanks for posting the pattern. Like Nancy, I am eager to get my shuttle and begin!
Fox : )

Pearlin J said...

that is so lovely Vinnie.I would love to try this pattern.Tfs.

Carla said...

Thanks Vinnie!
I would like to try this pattern.

Gina said...

I like this. Printed it out but probably will not get to try it soon. On my to-do list!

Vanessa said...

I love this pattern. And the colours are so peaceful. Thanks for sharing!

Isdihara said...

Thanks for posting the pattern! It looks like quite a challenge for me, even with the excellent photos!

But I remain undaunted (at least until I hit a stumbling block, hee hee) and have added it to my must-tat list!

Ninu said...

its beautiful and so neat!!i wud luv to try this out!!thanks vinnie


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