Monday, March 22, 2010

Test-Tat results

I'm so thankful to all of you who have tried out my Spring patterns.
Here's what I've recieved so far.....
Spring Heart
Tatted by Gina from Threads of a Tatting Goddess
Done in Tatskool's Choco-raspberry size-40 thread.

Gina has done the outside chains a bit differently and put in picots at the top and added a second row of chains too. She's used the shuttle and ball thread instead of using two shuttles.
It's lovely and I love the colors.
She's also planned to put a tail on it to make a bookmark for her friend.
Thank You Gina.

Spring Doily-2
Tatted by Jenny Clark aka Liyarra
Done in Lizbeth's Vineyard Harvest size-40 
Liyarra has put up this doily on her page and has written some very very nice things about me too!
I'm really honoured.
Thank You Liyarra.

Still waiting for the pics and feedback from 
Thanks for doing this for me.

I wanted someone to test-tat my pattern as that was the only way to know where I'm lacking and whether I'm able to put across my pattern in a  way that everybody understood.
According to the feedback I've had so far,
 I think the nature and positions of the joins required were a little confusing.
For all those who are still trying I'll try to explain better here.....
I've done this in two colors to make it easier
Shuttle-1 Pink
Shuttle-2 Purple
The first part is pretty simple.
then there's a chain of 16-16
 and a join at the core thread to a chain that has not been formed as yet.
That would be done with an inverted picot
 as I've explained in Spring Doily1


When you make the top ring for the second repeat, (it's a floating ring off the last chain)
Turn the work and start with the 8-8 chain with the pink thread (or shuttle1 thread)as the core.
The ring turns down on its own....

The next confusing part is where to make the join when you come up on the second repeat.
At the top is the LJ made into the thread marked with red in the pic
(I'm not finding appropriate words to explain it!)
The pink thread (shuttle 1) now automatically is in the position for the chain to be continued with the purple thread (shutte 2 )at the core.
I hope I've made things a little easier with this picture tutorial!
Here's a pic of the finished Pink&Purple Spring Doily-2
Done by ME
 in Anchor size-20
with frontside -backside tatting

Thanks once again.


TypsTatting said...

Hi Vinnie, Those tatted doilies are lovely and the thread colours are really stunning. The two ladies did a marvelous job!!!! I will get started on mine it's just that I have had to finish my sisters quilt. I have made a start on one. So I will hopefully get it done in the next few days.

Tatskool said...

they did so well for you, beautiful tatting from great patterns....mmm nice thread too!!


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